The Cedar Lake Conservancy’s only focus is preserving the quality of our lake.  It is not a homeowners’ association and cannot in any way micro-manage your home/cabin/property with its own rules and regulations.  Aitkin and Crow Wing Counties are quite happy to do that.

The Conservancy

  • fosters a sense of community with the same goal of protecting our valuable resource.
  • works with the sheriff’s office on water safety issues, placement/maintenance of buoys on the lake and no wake zones.
  • works with the DNR on yearly fish counts, beaver issues, etc.
  • through a strictly volunteer system of property owners monitors the public landing, water quality, noxious weeds such as Eurasian milfoil, zebra mussels and other invasive species.
  • educates lake residents and those in its watershed.
  • maximizes partnership opportunities with other conservation organizations, the state and county.
  • influences and participates in local government decisions affecting the lake or its watershed.

What does my annual, nonrefundable $25 cover?

  • the costs of publishing/mailing a newsletter and any other pertinent information, as required, a few times a year to keep members informed on important issues
  • hosting an annual meeting which provides an opportunity to connect with other members
  • hearing from local experts on a variety of issues
  • minimal administrative costs including website server expenses
  • water quality testing and/or supplies, if needed
  • directors and officers liability insurance

What’s this directors and officers liability insurance about?

  • Also known as D & O Insurance, it covers an organization’s officers and directors, including its Board, against claims related to employment (the Cedar Lake Conservancy has no employees), management of funds and other nonbodily issues.  It’s really legal defense insurance.

What doesn’t the Conservancy do?

  • Enforce local, state/federal law or ordinances.

Why join?

  • Because you care about the environment, water quality, fish size, shoreline beauty and how the lake is used…not just for yourself but future generations, too.
  • Lakefront property owners can accomplish more as a group than individually.  It’s more efficient and less expensive to prevent lake issues rather than repair damage afterwards, i.e. water clarity, invasive aquatic species, etc.  Clean water increases lakeshore property value (Bemidji State University study showed a direct link between the two).  Once a lake reaches a certain point of degradation, it can never be brought back to where it once was.

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