On Saturday, August 12, Les Martin will lead the Mississippi paddle downstream from Aitkin approximately seven miles.  Put in will be at 9:30 a.m. at the Aitkin boat launch area.  Depending on water levels, the trip should take about three hours of steady paddling.  Minimal canoe experience is required, but you should be able to steer as the river has many turns.  There are only a few places to get out and stretch so be comfortable in your boat.  Dress to protect yourself from sun and bring gloves to protect your hands.  Don’t forget snacks and plenty to drink, as it could be warm.  The shore is quite wooded and interesting wildlife can be seen.  This river is called the Big Muddy for good reason…expect to get a little muddy putting in and taking out.  Call Les with any questions at 218-628-0625.

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Left to Right:  Cyclists Tim and Gretchen Catlin, Jim Kiernan, Pete Rowland, Les Martin, Katie Kraft, Korky Heinen

The purpose of the Social Committee is to improve the Cedar Lake experience by providing expanded opportunities to interact with other members in a social setting. For some years residents (largely on their own) have provided some opportunities along these lines such as the July 4th picnic and boat parade, as well as local area “block” parties.

The dates of upcoming events will be published under the Calendar and News Tabs.  So please check back! Pictures and activity descriptions will also be posted as they take place.

The Board is very interested in your ideas for activities.  Don’t hesitate to contact a member with any suggestions!