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Clear Lake Association Newsletter


November 2013



Greetings from your Association Board of Directors!

Rick Hults – President

Glen Dougles – Vice President

Bob Miller – Treasurer

Robert McElrath – Secretary

Bill Feyo– Member at Large

Curt Carlson* – Member at Large

Ed Peterson – Member at Large


*Appointed to the remaining term of Duane Dougles which stepped down.

The board wishes everyone a happy Thanksgiving and holiday season. Below is a summary from our fall membership meeting held on August 31st. 2013 at the Pine Inn. Please take a couple minutes to review the summary, mail in your 2014 membership dues and checkout the website listed in the footer of this newsletter.

ü  Mark your calendars for our Spring bi-annual meeting on Saturday May 24th 2014.

Fall membership meeting (8/31/13)  SUMMARY:

Treasury Report – We have 75 paid members for 2013, a breakdown of the years expenses, income and current balance were outlined.

Neighborhood Watch Report – Scott Turner (Aitkin County Sherriff) addressed county crime statistics and trends and presented several ways to minimize the potential for being a crime victim.  He also talked about the recent flooding issues and the Glen Store fire.  Sherriff Turner took many questions from those in attendance.

Lake Report/Fish Habitat – Bill Feyo reported on a concern that several incidents of “powerloading” has been occurring at the public landing and has become a problem.  He also reported on a historical graphing of the lake levels and offered the audience this information.  Feyo reported that Rick Rusowitz of the Minnesota  DNR that the fish habitat project was inspected by divers on August 12, 2013, and producing cover habitat for lots of bluegills, pumpkinseeds, perch, bass, etc.

Clear Lake Fish Stocking Report – Bill Feyo reported that starting in 2011 that the DNR began by putting 360,000 walleye fry in the lake over the next 5 years.  Fall of 2013 DNR doing electro shocking fish for census counting of walleyes to determine the stocking plan going forward.

Invasive Species Report – Rick Hults reported the ongoing threat and concern that all Clear Lake property owners should have concerning invasive species affecting Clear Lake.  He encouraged everyone to become educated about invasive species.   He asked everyone to be on the lookout for zebra mussels and to contact the DNR if you observe them.  Bill Feyo reported that the


MN DNR has revised the boat inspection protocol regarding citizen volunteer inspections of boats.  A class will be held next spring (April/2014).

Loon Watch Report – Dave Akin reported that Clear Lake has two nesting pair of loons and one surviving chick. He also reported social loon gatherings of 8, 11, and 13 loons were observed.

ACLARA(Aitkin County Lakes and Rivers Association) Report – Bill Feyo reported that invasive species training is coordinated by ACALRA. Also that he couldn’t be the primary committee chair for this committee anymore because of a conflicting commitment.  We’ll be looking for someone to take over this committee chair position.

HWY 47 Clean-up – Dave Kohanek reported that the Spring clean-up was conducted by Bill Feyo and Fran and Dave Kohanek.  The Fall HWY 47 clean-up date was held on Sat Sept 6th. Next year it would be nice to have others participate in this activity. 

4th of July Parade and Boat Parade – Rick Hults reported that 88 floats participated.  Kathy and Greg  Kopp won the competition for  best decorated boat in the CLA boat parade.  A plan has been put into place to increase boat parade participation for 2014 with fliers distributed to all CL residents.

Summer Cook-Out – Bob Miller reported that the annual Summer Picnic was a fun activity and well attended.

Website – Rick Hults reported that the CLA website now carries all CLA information in one source. (By-Laws, contact information, communication plan, meeting minutes, committees, reports, etc.)

Committees – Rick Hults asked those interested to consider participation in the invasive species, boat monitoring, and boat parade committees.

Annual Dues – Rick Hults reported that the CLA board of Directors has recommended that CLA annual dues remain at $20 per year. Motion passed.

Election of New Board Members – Rick Hults reported that as per CLA by-laws that Dave Kohanek must step down at the conclusion of his current term creating an open board position.  Duane Douglas has also asked to step down from the CLA Board as well.  Nominations were made for Rick Hults for a second term, Bill Feyo for a first term and Curt Carlson for the second term of Duane Douglas.  Motion passed.



Please fill out the Membership Dues form for 2014 listed below. For 2013 we had 75 paid members out of a possible 125 lake properties. We’d like to see an even higher level of participation in 2014 so please ask your neighbors if they are a member. If they are not members, please explain the importance of the membership in protecting our lake. With the invasive species in Mille Lacs Lake and others it’s important that we do everything possible to protect Clear Lake.

Thank you

Rick Hults, President

Clear Lake Association

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2014 Membership Dues

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Make check for $20 payable to:         Clear Lake Association

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