Cross Lake/Snake River Association of Pine County


The Cross Lake/Snake River Association of Pine County is dedicated to the promotion and improvement of the understanding and comprehensive management of Cross Lake and its watershed.

The Cross Lake Association serves Cross Lake and the Snake River from the St. Croix River to the Kanabec County line.

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Snake River gage height in feet near Pine City, MN.

National Weather Service Gage Height for the Snake River

The Cross Lake Association is again offering Weed Rakes for sale.

Arrangements have been made directly with the manufacturer of this tool to help you reduce springtime Curleyleaf/Pondweed along your shoreline.


Cost is $99.00 .  Available via Email request at:

How to use the Weed Rake by Jerry Trent:

Weed Rake Usage

  Voyager statue in Pine City park

 “Voyageur” stands watch over the Snake River and Cross Lake.

Pine City’s 35 foot redwood voyageur statue, by renowned chainsaw sculptor Dennis Roghair, welcomes visitors to Riverside Park. Voyageur is dedicated to the history of the early settlers of the Pine County area.


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