Coconut Roll Filters

Thanks to those of you who got up early  Friday, July 2nd, to help install coconut rolls in the stream beds/gullies leading to Cross Lake.  You were a hard working, efficient crew–it only took about two hours to haul and install 2 16inch x 10 ft rolls and 4 12inch x 10 ft rolls with three oak stakes per roll.  Brent Keeney’s ATV was a good help along with those two really heavy stake pounders–great tool!  Special thanks to Dean and Judy for going down to the cities with a trailer to pick up the rolls and stakes and for delivering them to the various sites.  All of the property owners that we saw (or that I talked to on the phone ahead of time, were very happy to get help with their erosion/sedimentation problems!!!   Thanks to the SRWMB for approving this project and funding the cost of materials.  Stream monitoring continues this year so we will have before and after data for nutrients and e-coli bacteria.  We certainly hope that the project will significantly reduce nutrients and bacteria flowing into the lake from these gullies although we don’t expect it to be the silver bullet.  My observations Thursday  as water testing was done on seven streams, and Friday as we installed the filter rolls, made it even more clear to me that there are additional gullies and many other simply steep slopes with fragile soil along with sheet erosion towards gullies or towards the lake.  Erosion control will continue to be emphasized to property owners by means of articles  and inserts in our newsletter, articles in the Pine City Pioneer, direct one on one at our fair booth (along with handing out appropriate literature).  The gullies we worked on  probably will need additional significant project work involving PC SWCD input and engineering,  along with SRWMB funding, e.g., the gully at Rosebush Ln (Peterson, Keeney area)  in planning and bidding stage; Norway Circle; and at Reisdorfer property/Bun Creek channel leading to the lake.  For your information:  My daughter Lori photographed and videotaped our Thursday and Friday trips  (and will do the same for our Tuesday Cross Lake TMDL monitoring.) Using these images and interviewing, she is already in the process of  preparing a powerpoint project, basically for a contribution to elementary school science in the Austin, TX area schools (emphasizing erosion and control).  She also photographed our E-coli project and equipment.  Lori uses tools  (photography) like this as a visual component in teaching science units to elementary school teachers at various schools.  Hopefully CLA will be able to use part of her current projects as part of the Pine County Fair booth or at a membership meeting.  Jerry Trent18408 Edgewater Rd NEPine City MN 55063