Pine County Fair Booth

 2015 FAIR BOOTH coordinated by Judy Yorston

Workers who made the Fair Booth a success. A big thank you to Bill Cosby, Dave Videen, John Flood, Jerry Trent, Diane Wilbert, Karen Flood, Pat Anderson, and Dean Yorston for all their hard work in setting up and taking down the booth. Dean Yorston loads up the trailer the day before and unloads the day after for this event with Buck Kucera’s help and the use of his trailer.
Karen Flood and Bill Casby pulled the winners for the Raffle on Sunday at 4:00 and the winners were, Megan and Luke Laing (backyard darts and bird house), Nick Goulet ( wood bird house), and Bennett Casby (Smore basket)
Sorry we do not have pictures of all the helpers who worked shifts in the booth listed as follows: Barb and Dave Videen, Sandy and Dale Mathisen, Garland and Kaye Kotek, Wally and Jane Connaker, Bruce and Janet Anderson, Roger and Nancy Hoff, Mimi and Buck Kucera, Dave and Chris Winter, Linda and Mike Schuveiller, Bob and Pat Werner, Ken and Clarice Tremhath, Bill and Denise McManus, Pat Anderson, Karen Flood, Scott and Shannon Jones, Jim and Chris Bartol, Bill Casby, Jerry Trent, Judy and Dean Yorston.