Fisheries Committee


This committee is charged with all matters relative to aquatic animals, including exotic species, in the Snake River and Cross Lake and its tributaries.

Of particular interest are matters on improvement and increasing the numbers of game fish.  The committee develops a relationship with the DNR Fisheries and other agencies with similar goals.

The Fisheries Committee is currently without a chairperson.

Those Interested in volunteering should call a member of the Board of Directors for further information.

Consider Volunteering
The work of this committee is very important.



The tackle industry, recognizing a growing awareness and concern about lead in the environment, has begun to create steel, tin, bismuth, or plastic sinkers.

Start using non-lead tackle when you go fishing.

Here is what you can do to help:

– Ask local sporting good stores to stock non-lead tackle.

– Spread the word by telling other anglers about the problem.

–  Dispose of old led sinkers and jigs properly by locating
a drop-off location.

As fishing pressure continues to grow, the DNR offers these suggestions to make fishing safe and enjoyable for all anglers:

Don’t litter mono-filament fishing line, styrofoam, plastic bags, six-pack holders, and other plastics, which can kill fish and wildlife that eat or get tangled up in these products.

Prepare your boat and trailer before you are on the ramp so that you can launch quickly.

Ask for permission before entering private land.

Keep only the amount of fish you can use.

Release some medium-sized fish so they can grow larger and be caught in the future.

Reprinted from 2006 Minnesota Fishing Regulations.