Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 

Lake Weeds

I would like to thank the Association Board for providing a solution to a growing problem – lake weeds.

We borrowed one of the large weed cutters provided by the Association this spring and it worked great.  My two daughters, who have more energy than I, used the device.  One cutting and the other piling the cut weeds on the shore.

What a great idea.  It allows the property owner to improve his or her beach area with help from the Association.

Thank you!
Walt Roseen


Blue-green Algae and Harmful Algal Blooms — Minnesota

Algae blooms are an indicator of nutrient loading that has to be addressed before improvements
are seen. Watershed runoff enters the river and accumulates in the reservoirs and lakes. In this case the Snake River travels from Aitkin County through two counties to reach your location. At this time the Local
Water Planning Taskforce is updating the 10 year water plan. Much of the future efforts are water quality emphasis and working with PCA on their efforts to establish standards(TMDL). Status or how to participate can be gotten by contacting the Pine SWCD, Jill Carlier  or Sam Martin 320-216-4240.

Any site by site effort to control vegetation is likely a band aid approach.  If you remove one type of plants feeding on nutrients,  the source feeds another(i.e. excessive algae blooms). DNR does have an aquatic plant management permit program. Permits to remove plant for navigational access can be applied for and will be reviewed for potential  impacts.  (Audrey Kuchinski is the contact). It is my opinion that limited early season runoff and earlier than  normal higher water  temperatures added to conditions that you indicate are the worst ever. Certainly late June above seasonal rainfall is causing higher water levels that is having a dilution affect. Bottom line is on land practices will have to be addressed or history will repeat.