Annual Membership Meeting Minutes



September 17, 2016

American Legion, Pine City

President Judy Yorston called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. and declared a quorum present.

The Pine County Sheriff was present to discuss the recent high water/no wake issues, ways to keep vacant property safe from intruders, as well as the importance of giving the Sheriff’s office a contact phone number in case of an emergency at your property.

Nominees for 2017 Officers and Board of Directors were named as follows:

President:    No Nominees

Vice President:    Frank Ramisch

Secretary:    Bill Casby

Treasurer:    Pat Anderson

Directors:    Dave Videen, Barb Videen, Scott Jones, Pat Brautigan, Ron Levin, Jim Bartol, Bob Rothenbacher

With no further discussion, the slate was unanimously approved.  The first Board Meeting will be held on Friday, October 14, 4:00 p.m. at Yorston’s.

Treasurer’s report was submitted for approval by Pat Anderson and shows a current checkbook balance of $11,834.16. Report was approved, and John Flood was thanked by the group for donating his time and expertise to annually audit the Association’s books, and maintain the CLA website.

Judy summarized the Association’s activities for 2016 including Scholarship award, Senior Outing, Freedom Fest, Golf Outing, Boat Parade, Fair Parade and Booths, Wishing Lanterns, Dinner/Dance on September 24.

Judy reported that the owner of the farm involved in the original plan has decided not to participate in the North End Project.  The Association will do its portion of the project including installation of coconut rolls and getting three (3) bids for construction work to begin in the Spring of ’17.  Currently, the total available for 10-year maintenance of the project is $5,693.88.

The last edition of the 2016 Crossings will be mailed in November. Judy went through the current process of producing this newsletter. A decision to continue producing this publication will be made by the new Board.

Jerry Trent presented facts and findings relating to Cross Lake’s water quality. He shared a fact sheet of water testing data from June of this year, and stressed the importance of keeping fertilizer and other harmful chemicals out of the lake. Brochures were available that list beneficial plants and share ideas for landscapes that would aide in preserving the shoreline.  Jerry was thanked by the group for the many years he has spent water testing, researching data, and sharing many ideas for preserving and improving the quality of the lake’s water. (He also shared some most interesting facts about fishing depths.)

Judy reported there are currently 200 members contributing at least $15 annual dues. This money is used for water quality.  Association members are urged to join any committee they would like to assist; being a Board member is not a pre-requisite.

Bill Casby reminded members about the importance of cleaning boats at the point of loading. It is illegal to transport aquatic invasive species on your boat or trailer.

Judy and Dean Yorston were thanked by the group for the countless hours they have donated to the Association for the past 13 years. Karen Flood was also thanked for the work she did in organizing the Association more than 20 years ago and for her continued support.

Motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 10:20 a.m.

Respectfully submitted (for Mary Ann Houston),

Pat Anderson, Treasurer