Special Executive Committee meeting 7/12/14

January 26, 2016

A meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cross Lake Association was called to order by President Judy Yorston at 9:10 a.m on Jan. 26, 2016 at the home of Judy & Dean Yorston.

Present: President Judy Yorston, Vice President Scott Jones, Directors Dean Yorston, David Videen, Bill Casby, Buck Kucera, Pat Brautigan, Ron Levin, Barb Videen, and Treasurer Pat Anderson.

Absent: Diane Wilbert, Mary Ann Houston, Jim Bartol, and Frank Ramish.
Also Present were Jill Carlier, Pine County Soil and Water and Jason Weinerman, Board of Water & Soil Resources and Pat Garrity, landowner.

This special session of the CLA board was called to order at 9:10 a.m.

The board met to go over the contact for the North End Project. Jill Carlier, Pine County Soil and Water, stated that the change requests, approved at the last
meeting, have been written into the contract. Jason Weinerman, Board of Water & Soil Resources, went through portions of the contact and made some suggestions that should be considered for the safety and benefit of all; the lenders, landowners,
and association.

There will have to be an operation maintenance plan. Part of the plan will include the monitoring of the project by CLA with site visits by PCSW. The plan will be completed by PCSW.

There should be a 10-year easement from both property owners allowing CLA access, installation, inspection and maintenance. Jill said this is a private contract, and a lawyer will need to draw up the agreement. Jason suggested to keep it simple.

We could state this is land 100 ft. off the property line.CLA decided to take care of this so the project can proceed. Mary Kay Brautigan will be asked to assist in finding a lawyer. The landowners will then not have to sign the project contract.
Jason also suggested that we have 2 contracts for the project; one for the farmer and one for the association. It was decided there was great benefit to this for all parties. The contract will be rewritten as two.
To receive the grant from the state, a work plan needs to be made before the contract is signed. We will need to have a process to pay. Jill will be asking PCSW to do the up front payments for the project. CLA will have a separate account for the in-kind money. Jason also suggested we check, and maybe amend the CLA bylaws to; limit liability, authorize board to do easements, have 1-2 board members authorized as representatives (titles – not specific names) to sign agreements/contracts on behalf of the board, and to accept electronic signatures.
Judy will check with our insurance company about our liability coverage.
Since the project cannot be started this Spring, all felt it was worth the extra time and effort to make sure we have everything covered and changed so the project can proceed smoothly once we get started.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:20 a.m.
Respectfully Submitted,
Barbara Videen
Acting Secretary