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May 25, 2010 (updated)


Snake River TMDL – Lake monitoring information and notes:


Lake monitoring –


  • Sampling proposed to begin in May and go through Sept. for two years.


  • Samples taken bi-weekly (every two weeks) on the same schedule at the same locations on the lake.  (see MPCA map handed out previously to all lake volunteers)


  • Samples to be shipped by spee – dee delivery.  Need to call spee – dee one day in advance of pick up.  Phone #800-862-5578.  Make sure you give them the account #12909, so the sample is not charged to another account for other sampling being done in the watershed or county etc.  The cooler will weigh about 10 lbs. or more, depending on number of bottles etc.  (spee – dee will likely ask for the weight of the cooler)  Ship the cooler earlier in the  week, preferably Monday, Tues. or Wed.,  to allow enough time to reach the lab and be tested that same week.


  • Keep receipts for ice and turn them in to Teresa Bearce for personal reimbursement.  Teresa will likely be billing MPCA for expenses every quarter (three months).  MPCA will reimburse the Snake River Watershed and the watershed will reimburse the lake monitors and the SWCD’s.


  • The parameters tested for the lakes will be :  Total P, Chl – a. and total iron.


  • Other sampling is to include : secchi disk readings, temperature, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, ph and turbidity.  MPCA will likely be on the lake in the summer doing additional monitoring and core sampling etc.  They may have some additional equipment for lake monitors to use.


  • A sample chain of custody form was previously handed out to each of the lake volunteers during our initial meetings with you.



  • For data entry and tracking – use these numbers:

Project number – PRJ07079  – Snake River Watershed TMDL

Station I.D. – 58-0119 – Cross Lake

58-0142 – Pokegama Lake

33-0028 – Knife Lake

33-0015- Quamba Lake

Kanabec SWCD has offered to enter the final stream and lake data on a spreadsheet to

submit to MPCA at the end of each season.  Data can be sent to the SWCD on a

spreadsheet at end of Sept. each year.

Note:  Sam Martin and I are coordinating the stream sampling for the sites in Kanabec and Pine Counties.  We will have 6 stream sights this year and additional sites next year.


Wayne Anderson is currently monitoring 17 streams in the watershed under the Clean Water Partnership (CWP) grant.  Nick Solomon started the monitoring earlier this spring, until Wayne was hired.   Some of the stream sites that Wayne is monitoring will be rolled over to TMDL stream sites next year, due to the limited TMDL budget this year.  This was based on info from Chris Klucas.


Please call if you have any questions.  Kelly – 320-679-3781 ext. 113

Thanks for all your help !!