LID – Lake Improvement District Info

At the General Membership meeting  on June 15, 2019, a question was asked if and when a vote occurred, could there be an absentee ballot? Here is the response to that question.

Absentee voting can be done  for the budget.  Below is message from County Attorney.

Wayne Stein, our county auditor, who handles voting in the county, he agrees that absentee voting can be allowed by order after board action.  The attached Order is from board action taken in 2004 as Little McDonald and Paul LID to allow absentee voting.
The statue reference under 103B.571, subd. 3(a)(2) provides for approval of budget and 3(b) provides for  absentee voting as related to items in 3(a).
The Board should make clear in the Order that it authorizes the action if and when the LID is established.
Kelly Hepper
Power Point presentation as presented to the General Membership on June 15, 2019 by Pat Prunty and the LID Committee.