Aquatic Invasive Species

Fish Hook Lake has identified Curly Leaf Pondweed in our lake. If it were to spread extensively,  mats of dead curly leaf pondweed will emerge on the surface of the lake.  At this time the Fish Hook Board is making plans to address this invasive species threat.  We have enlisted the DNR to make an assessment and map the areas where treatment is needed. The assessment will take place in the spring of 2019 when the plants begin to emerge. (Note: The DNR did a survey very early in the spring of 2018. They were not able to identify CLPW. As a result, we were not given the permit to do treatment. If we locate CLPW in the lake and are given a permit from the DNR, professional applicators will apply a liquid herbicide treatment early in the spring of 2019. The timing of the application is critical as it must not interfere with the growth of native plant

The principal funding source for the treatment must come from the residents of the lake
and river. This course of action requires a team effort and all lake and river residents will
need to do their part. There are no grants available for eradication of CLPW at this time.
We were successful at raising $6,000 in contributions to our fund at the City of Park
Rapids. However, the cost of treatment may be as high as $10,000 or more. We expect
we will have to continue treatments for at least 3 years.

Many of our lake and river residents are not currently members of our association. We
strongly encourage you to join our association by completing the attached membership
registration and returning it with your $35.00 membership fee. Current members may
use this form to renew their current membership.

We encourage you to help us to help preserve your lakeshore property valuation.

Tax deductible contributions to offset AIS costs can be made to the City
of Park Rapids.  Your check memo line should read “AIS Fund for
FHL&RA” so it will be credited to the correct account.

Mail to Angela Brumbaugh, City Treasurer, 212 West Second St, Park Rapids, MN 56470

Sincerely, your Fish Hook Lake and River Association AIS Team and the Fish Hook
Lake and River Association Board of Directors