Aquatic Invasive Species

If the pondweed were to spread extensively, mats of dead curly leaf pondweed would emerge on the surface of the lake.

At this time the Fish Hook Board must make plans to address this invasive species threat. Their recommendations for a  proposed action plan would include the following:

The first step is to enlist the DNR to make an assessment and map the areas where treatment is needed. The assessment would take place in the spring of 2015 when the plants begin to emerge.

Liquid herbicide treatment would take place early in the spring of 2016 and be administered by professional applicators. The timing of the application is critical as it must not interfere with the growth of native plant species. The DNR issues a permit for this procedure and provides a small window of time for the application. Following acreage determination, costs can be derived by using an approximate cost of $330 per acre. Per acre costs vary with bed size, density and depth.

The principal funding source must come from the residents of the lake and river. This course of action requires a team effort and all lake and river residents will need to do their part. The DNR has offered supporting grants in the past and may continue to offer this aid. Their grant match is typically $100 per acre, (30% of the per acre cost) with a maximum of $4,000 allowed.

We encourage the membership of the FHL&R Association and all lake/river owners to attend the special assn. meeting to obtain more information. If you are not able to attend, you can address your questions or comments to any member of the FHLRA Board of Directors in person or by sending an email to: Your input and support is crucial to a positive outcome.

Many of our lake and river residents are not currently members of our association. We strongly encourage you to join our association by completing the attached membership registration and returning it with your $50.00 membership fee. Current members may use this form to renew their current membership for 2015. (Please note we have changed our membership period to the calendar year.)

Thank you for helping us to help preserve your lakeshore property valuation

Fish Hook Lake and River Association AIS Team and the Fish Hook Lake and River Association Board of Directors

Tax deductible contributions to offset AIS costs can be made through the City of Park Rapids-  The check memo line should read “AIS Fund for FHL&RA” so it will be credited to the correct account,  Send to Angela Brumbaugh, City Treasurer, 212 West Second St, Park Rapids, MN 56470


Vegetation Sampling that was done June 2017 is available (pdf)

Don Sells and Bob Stelter found AIS on their 2011 visit to the Co. 18 bridge.  They pulled out more curly leaf pond weed than ever!  Not good…  When we begin vegetation mapping we will be able to ascertain with some certainty what is happening in the lake.                        Photos by Don Sells