Fish Hook Lake and River Association

Annual Meeting July 1, 2017

Headwaters Park – Main Shelter

  • Greeting from the President – Neil Jordheim

  • New Business

    • Introduction of Board members: Nancy Jordheim-Secretary; Maggie Jorgenson- treasurer; Jan Rumpza-Hubbard COLA representative; Bill Peterson; Jim Tronsgard; Phil Cline; Marvel Haynes; Phil Smith; Stuart Larson, Jim Spencer, Jim Knox and Bill McLean. We are grateful for the service during this past year of Jim Tronsgard, Kaye Smyth, and Jan Rumpza as they depart from the Board.

    • AIS Team was also introduced: Bob Stelter, Don Sells, David Mohn, Denny Diedrich and Don Rumpza who does the water quality and viliger testing.
    • Review minutes of past board meeting- Nancy Jordheim – motion made to accept the minutes as presented in the newsletter
    • Financial update – Maggie Jorgenson – Maggie had a handout of the specific financials. The big picture included: General Fund is currently about $5,000. The CITY of Park Rapids fund for AIS is nearly $4,800. The Environmental fund of FHL&R is decreasing as we are using this fund faster than it is being replenished. The FHL&R Association keeps two general funds – 1) the AIS fund for boat inspection/water quality testing/fighting of invasive species the second 2) is for general operating expenses. Questions: Are there grants available for water concerns – we have the opportunity for grants and we will be applying. Thank you: Jay Mondry is one of our substantial contributors to the AIS fund and we are thankful to him and to others who have joined him in this support. We encourage all of you to consider contributing.
    • We will be publishing the phone numbers of the Board members starting at the next newsletter per a member request.
    • The 2017 budget was reviewed – a motion was made to accept the 2017 budget and passed.
    • Yearly call for motion- There is a need for the Association Membership to confirm support to pay for lake and river quality measures like: Boat Inspections and CLPW if treatment is needed. Bill McClain made a motion to allow $6,000 as the dollar amount to be used as the Board sees necessary. This motion was approved.
    • Membership report – Neil – Last year we ended the year with 95 members, to date we already have 95. A BIG thank you to Beach Captains for the work they did last year.
    • We have a new Owners Directory that has the names of residents both alphabetically and by region of the lake shore. The cost is $3.00
    • A motion was made to re-elect current Board members. PASSED
    • A motion was made to add 3 new members to the Board of Directors: DennyUlmer, Tom Harmon & Boyd McMurchie. The motion passed.


  • COLA update: The drain stenciling project we reported last year is being done by Owen Wagner as part of his Eagle Scout project. He and his Troup will paint stencils on the drains running to the river from the street. This is part of the agreement with the grant we received for installing the Down Stream Defender system last year.• 8/5 – Starry Trek on Fish Hook lake with training will be done before the survey

    • There is a checklist of Stewardship practices available on the HC COLA site

    • Check the Friends of the Headwaters website for information and guidelines regarding the Line 3 Replacement.

    • Fish Hook is one of the ‘host’ association for the July HC COLA meeting. Jan R. will help the new representative with these duties.

  • Beach Captains: Bill McLean has volunteered to be the Beach Major for the lake & river. He is looking for individuals to be Beach Captains to be the contact person for an area of the lake or river. Please volunteer.
  • Boat inspections are paid for using State funding and voluntary contributions from people like us. Donations can be made to the City of Park Rapids, Treasurer, Angela Brumbaugh, 212 W 2nd St. Park Rapids, MN 56470. Reference Fish Hook Lake & River AIS Fund on the Memo Line. They can issue a tax receipt. Donation information is in your newsletter.


  • Fish Hook Lake & River Directories are available for $3.00. (WE ARE NOTINCLUDING PHONE NUMBERS OR EMAILS ONLY ADDRESS &


  • Curly Leaf Pond Weed update: AIS Team report way given by Don Sells. The Board will notify the DNR and all persons needed to start the process of immediate removal and chemical treatment in the spring (late April and Early May. We discussed how do you pull them out – by the roots – cutting them off delays them but does not remove them permanently. The important thing is to harvest the plants, dry them and bury them away from the shore line. Cutting them out and not harvesting could spread the weed.
  • Enbridge “Line 3” pipeline update. (Please read information in the newsletter.) We have seen the preliminary environmental impact report and are not pleased. It appears that the report is being done by a company that frequently works with Enbridge and that the data used is provided by Enbridge other pipeline companies. The only thing that might re-route this is for the public to let their voices be known.
  • We are currently updating our “Lake Management Plan”. We have done a tentative document, but the final document will be done in coordination with the Hubbard county COLA plan. This is also true in the creation and confirmation of the “FHL&R AIS Rapid Response Plan”. (Currently, the issue we are dealing with regarding curly leaf pond weed is following our local FHL&R plan.)
    • Special thanks to Denny Ulmer for starting the “Drive Like Your Kids Live Here”project. The goal is to slow down traffic along County HWYs 1 and 18.
    • Social: Last year we started having pontoon parties on the lake as a social for theAssociation. We are asking you to host a pontoon party for your beach. We

      suggest Friday or Saturday afternoon.

    • Sep 9th – 5:30 pm Fall Dinner Y-Steakhouse (rsvp by 9/6/16)
    • July 4th meet at the bridge and we will go clockwise around the LAKE.
  • Thank you for attending today and for your support of YOUR association.
  • Note: We had 57 adults and 6 children at the annual meeting.

Download the meeting minutes in pdf HERE.