Membership Form

Fish Hook Lake & River Association

$35 dues + $20 Environmental Fund contribution per year (January 1 to December 31)

Examples of what your membership sponsors:

  • Lake water quality testing: secchi disc testing (for water clarity)
  • Hubbard County Coalition of Lake Association membership (COLA) educational information.
  • Representative on the COLA board
  • Freshwater Festival environmental education event for 6th graders
  • Minnesota Waters membership, this website
  • Newletters and other distributions: educational info on lake issues
  • Social Events
  • Volunteer activities: secchi disc testing, loon nests, 
    AIS control, boat inspections
  • Social events
  • Healthy Lakes and Rivers Management Plan goals: Our yearly focus!


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Fill out printed form and send to:

 Send to:FHLRA, PO Box 225, Park Rapids, MN 56470