Lake Management Plans

Goals, Action Plans and Lake Management Plans

In 2009 The Fifty Lakes Foundation (FLF) and The Fifty Lakes Property Owners (FLPOA) began the process of developing lake management plans (LMP) for the lakes in the City of Fifty Lakes. It is the intent of the FLPOA to complete LMPs for the lakes and develop action plans that address all the lakes and watersheds in the city.

A lake management plan for East and West Fox Lakes has been completed and submitted to the Initiative Foundation. The enclosed actions plans have been written for all the lakes in the city. The FLPOA Board will monitor the progress of the action plans and make necessary modifications as required.


The following goals of the Fifty Lakes Property Owners Association are goals that relate to the lake management plan process.

• Improve the FLPOA education program.

• Coordinate and work with other associations and organizations.

• Complete lake management plans for Eagle, Kego and Mitchell Lakes.

• Increase membership and volunteer participation in the FLPOA.

Action Plans

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Aquatic Invasive Species

Aquatic Vegetation

Elevation Lake Level


Land Use and Zoning

Organizational Communication

Septic System

Shoreline Restoration

• Surface Water Conflict

Water Quality


Lake Management Plans (LMPs)

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West and East Fox Lakes LMPs