Lake Shore Restoration & Protection

Shoreline Restoration

When we think about shoreline restoration, we should think about balance.

We are looking for a balance between nature and our needs. It is recommended that 75% of your shoreline should be dedicated to nature through planting native palnts and shrubs. The remaining 25% of your shoreline can be dedicated to the things we like to have for additional enjoyment of lakes, such as docks, boats and swimming areas.

The same balance should also exist for your lawn. Restoring the last 30 feet to the by creating a buffer zone of natural grasses and shrubs, and keeping the lawn close to your house or cabin, are good practices to help maintain balance.

Benefits of Shoreline Restoration

  1. Improves water quality.
  2. Reduces erosion by planting stabilizing plants.
  3. Creates a more natural shoreline that attracts aquatic and terrestrial plants and animals.
  4. Reduces the amount of lawn to manage.
  5. Reduces the invasion of nuisance animals and birds such as Canadian Geese.
  6. Creates a more natural environment.
  7. Reduces the need to use chemicals and pesticides to control unwanted plants and animals.

Completed Shoreline Restoration Projects

Completed shoreline restoration projects on FLPOA lakes and in the city of Fifty Lakes over the past four years include:

  1. Erosion Control Project:  repair damage caused by wave action from boats and wind on West Fox Lake.
  2. Buffer Projects: control runoff into East Fox and West Fox Lakes.
  3. Erosion & Runoff Project: control both erosion and runoff on East Fox Lake at The Open Gate Association.
  4. Rain Garden: control runoff through installation of a rain garden at City Hall.

All of these projects were partially funded by grants that were made available from the DNR or funds from the Clean Water Land and Legacy Amendment that was approved by voters in 2008. Please call or email a FLPOA Board Member if you have any questions about shoreline restoration projects. We can put you in touch with experts to assist you with your questions. There might also be grant money available to partially fund your shoreline restoration project.

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