FLPOA Membership

The Fifty Lakes Property Owners Association (FLPOA) was created for you, the property owners on and near the lakes in the Fifty Lakes area. FLPOA acts as a voice for concerns about the quality of our lakes through monitoring the activities of the city and county and by working with other property and lake associations in the area.  FLPOA also provides information to its members on issues that are central to the DNR.

If you are not a member, please consider joining. The stronger the membership, the more we can achieve on behalf of our lakes. If you or a neighbor would like to become a member, please complete a membership form and mail $30 per household to:

Fifty Lakes Property Owners Association, Inc. • PO Box 206, Fifty Lakes, MN 56448

Download the FLPOA Membership Form

Complete the Membership Form Online

If you are a member please consider volunteering and help us do more. We are always looking for people who want to make a difference!

Why Should I Belong to the FLPOA?

  1. To meet and get to know our neighbors and other property owners in Fifty Lakes.
  2. Be part of an organization that is concerned with preserving and protecting our beautiful natural resources.
  3. We keep you informed on local, county and state environmental issues that affect the area.
  4. The FLPOA coordinates with and monitors the activities of other associations and governmental agencies in the area to share ideas and opinions.
  5. Monitors the water quality in our lakes from May to September each year. Lakes that are tested are Butterfield, Eagle, East Fox, Kego, Mitchell and West Fox Lakes.
  6. The FLPOA pays for two surveys at each of our four public boat launch sites in the city. The surveys are done to check for aquatic invasive species (AIS). One survey is conducted in June and the other is conducted in August.
  7. Another information resource. We provide information to our members by conducting public meetings, preparing newsletters and our web site.
  8. It is a conduit to voice ones opinion.
  9. To learn about land and water best management practices.

Renew Your Dues

Dues are $30.00 per year and expire on May 31st, each year. Dues are payable to “FLPOA” and please mail to: Fifty Lakes Property Owners Association, Inc. • PO Box 206, Fifty Lakes, MN 56448

Download the FLPOA Membership Form

Renew Your Dues Online

Donations are greatly appreciated too!

Current Member Families by Lake

Lake Number of Member Families
East Fox Lake 18
West Fox Lake 50
Eagle Lake 32
Kego Lake 16
Mitchell Lake 45
Butterfield Lake 7
Other 20
Total 188

Member Lakes

Fifty Lakes Area Lakes Include: East Fox Lake, West Fox Lake, Kego Lake, Mitchell Lake, Eagle Lake and Butterfield Lake.