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Lake Level Information:

Most notably, the yearly concern about the level of the lake has changed from “It’s too high” to “It’s too low”. Please be reassured that the lake association has repeatedly checked for any man-made causes and found nothing. There also appear to be no beaver dams currently impacting the lake level as was the case a couple years ago. This current change in the lake level seems to be driven by Mother Nature. It seems we have not had as much rain as we have had in past years.  It has been noted other area lakes and wetlands have also been impacted. For example, Lake Sylvia’s
water level is lower and the wetlands on either side of County Rd 5 as you drive into Annandale have completely dried up. Historically, Granite Lake has also been lower in past years.  I am grateful for the Wright County Soil and Water team that have gone the extra mile to check our  lake multiple times to confirm that the culvert under County road 5 at the south end of the lake is set correctly and that everything else seems to be functioning as expected.


Loons are back!  Loons are easily disturbed during the nesting season and prefer to nest on lakes where there is little human activity. If there is too much disturbance, loons may abandon their nest.

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