GPLA Board Members


2017 Board of Directors

Officers, Committee Chairs and Specific Responsibilities

President: Patty Gould-St. Aubin — Phone 259-1603
Vice-president: John O’Leary
Secretary: Bob Conzemius
Treasurer: Ryan Tierney

Regulatory and Water Quality Committee Chairs: John O’Leary and Rich Libbey
Membership and Nominations Committee Chair: Johnnie Fulton
Administrative Committee Chair: Ryan Tierney

Membership: Pat Davis — Phone 999-9658
Newsletter: Jan Sandberg
Web Master: Ronald Kelner – Bill Davis Jr

Board member terms ending July 2018

Carl Johnson
Ryan Tierney

Board member terms ending July 2019

Patty Gould-St. Aubin
Ron Kelner
Rich Libbey
John O’Leary

Board member terms ending July 2020

Bob Conzemius
Johnnie Fulton
Sam Johnson Jr

New board members elected July 2017

* Randy McCarty
* Dennis Perreault
* Linda Skallman
* (Exact term limits to be determined at the next GPLA board meeting)