Constitution / By-Laws


Lake Alexander Property Owners Association By-laws


 July 15, 1995 –Amended July 12, 2003

I.  Purpose of Organization

A.  To act as stewards of the lake in regards to water quality, fish management and shoreline conservation.


B.  The members will elect a board for the purpose of administering the business of the lake association.


II.  Membership

A.  Membership shall consist of Lake Alexander property owners whose current annual dues are paid by the annual meeting.

B.  Each member of the organization shall possess one vote.

C.  The majority of those members present at the annual meeting shall prevail.

D.  Annual dues shall be set by the board with approval by the membership.

E.  Dues are payable July 1 for the new year and are delinquent if not paid by the annual meeting of that year.


III.  Board Members and Officers

A.  The board shall consist of nine elected members, three of whom are to be elected in a given year for a three year term, allowing the board membership to rotate in an orderly fashion with three members coming on and three going off each year.

B.  Officers shall be President, Vice-president, Secretary and Treasurer.

C.  The officers shall be voted into office by the board members from among their ranks, each officer holding his or her office for one year.

D.  Officers shall be given 25 cents a mile for travel necessary to the conducting of association business.

E.  The Secretary and Treasurer will receive per diem, not to exceed three meetings a year, at a rate to be determined annually by the Board of Directors.

F.  If board members miss more than two meetings in any one year, they will be removed from the board and a temporary replacement will be appointed by the President to fill the vacancy.

G.  Nominations and Elections

1.  The nominating committee shall consist of:

a.  A chairman appointed by the President.

b.  Two additional members appointed by the chairman.  Two of the nominating committee members shall be members of the board.

2.  Elections

a.  The chairman of the nominating committee shall report the slate consisting of three board nominees to the general membership at the annual meeting.

b.  After a call for nominations from the floor, the new board members are to be elected by the membership by voice vote or written ballot.


IV.  Committees

A.  All committees will be special committees.

B.  The board President will appoint a chairman for each special committee as necessary.


V.  Meetings

A.  Annual Meeting

1.  the membership shall convene for an annual meeting

for the purpose of:

a.  electing board members;

b.  conducting such business that may necessarily  come before the membership for a vote; and

c.  informing the membership of current developments pertaining to lake property ownership.

B.  Special meetings may be called by the President providing written notice is extended to the membership.

C.  The board shall meet prior and subsequent to the annual meeting and at other times as the President may deem necessary.

D.  Parliamentary procedure will be used at all meetings.


VI.  Amendments to By-laws

A.  By-laws may be changed or added at the recommendation of the board by the majority vote of the membership at the annual meeting.