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Score Your Shore: a citizen shoreline description survey

Score Your Shore is a tool to assess habitat conditions of developed lake lots. The protocol is designed for use by lakeshore property owners to self-assess habitat and stewardship on their land and adjacent aquatic areas. This tool may also be used by organizations, such as lake associations, to assess multiple sites on a lake. Score Your Shore provides an objective and systematic method to assess the type, quantity and quality of the existing shoreland habitat.

The Score Your Shore tool will enable you to:

§ Assess the amount of habitat at developed lake sites

§ Generate awareness of what makes a high quality functioning shoreline buffer

§ Provide a system to recognize landowners with functioning shoreline buffers.


The following self-guided materials are available to view and download, free of charge, on the DNR website: http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/scoreyourshore/index.html

Groups may adapt these basic materials to meet their specific assessment needs.

Score Your Shore Manual: a 48 pg manual that describes the importance of shoreline buffers and step by step instructions on how to assess your shoreline. The manual includes illustrations and examples of how to score a lake lot.

Score Your Shore Quick Guide: a 4 pg field reference to assist citizens in scoring process.

Score Your Shore Training Powerpoint : an 18 slide presentation for lake groups interested in training volunteers in how to use Score Your Shore.