July 9, 2016 LAPOA Minutes


The Annual Meeting was held on Saturday, July 9, 2016, at the Scandia Valley Town Hall with approximately 93 members and 4 guests in attendance. Chairman Dr. Bill Faber called the meeting to order at 9:30 A.M, and asked for a moment of silence for deceased association members including Betty Kidder, Don Bevis, Norma Lowry, and others named in our hearts.

An expression of thanks was given to Little Falls Coborn’s for their generous donation of rolls and doughnuts.

Board Members present were Dr. Bill Faber, Darline Molde, Chuck Schiemo, Alice Sunde, Jerrid Sandstrom, Matt Skjonsby, and Tom Trutwin. Guests that were introduced included Morrison County Sheriff, Shawn Larson; Morrison County Assessor, Glen Erickson; Morrison County Commissioner, Kevin Maurer; and Morrison County Auditor, Deb Lowe.

Secretary’s Report:

A motion was made by Bob Mooney, seconded by Scott Beaty, to accept the 2015 Annual Meeting Minutes and approve them as printed. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report:

Treasurer, Alice Sunde, handed out a printout of transactions from July 17, 2015 to July 9, 2016. Receipts, including dues monies totaled $5,591.00, and expenses totaled $4,732.16, giving the checking account a balance of $7,682.61. Investments, which include Certificates of Deposits, total $19,187.50, giving our association a grand total of $26,870.11. A motion was made by Bob Mooney, seconded by Don Holman, to approve the Treasurer’s Report as printed. Motion carried.

Water Level:

Matt Skjonsby reported that in 2014, the water level was near an all-time high, resulting in LALID expenses of $38,000 for bog relocation. Only one bog was reported this year and relocated in May. The lake level at the present time is 4 inches lower than in the spring of this year. With readings taken over the past 60 years, the lake is about 2 inches within the average level. Readings are taken by the culvert at the outlet into Fish Trap.

Aquatic Vegetation:

Lake Restoration treated 91 acres of Curlyleaf Pondweed (CPL) on May 24th total of 137 infested acres, but the DNR determined that it is not feasible to treat an area of 5 or less acres.

A complete lake wide survey or Eurasian Watermilfoil (EWM) will be conducted on July 19-20, taking checkpoints every 100 feet. The DNR will permit treatment up to 160 acres of EWM which will be done in early August. Treated areas will be targeted for 3 consecutive years for optimum success.


The stocking of walleye fry will now take place every year, with 2 million fry being stocked in 2016. Muskies have not been stocked in the lake for 3 or more years. Whitefish were stocked in the lake two years in a row. All of the fish population are reported to be healthy.

Land Use /Planning and Zoning:

Chuck Schiemo reported that Morison County conducted an Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) assessment for the Quad Lakes, analyzing water quality and risk assessments. Lake Alexander has been designated as a high risk for zebra mussel infestation.

Much information can be found on the Morrison County web site under Planning and Zoning.

Morrison County requires a permit to do any rip rap for shoreline restoration. The permit cost is $75.00.


Membership dues received before July 9 membership to date is now 261. The goal is to reach a membership of 300 plus, which would be 75% of property owners.

Web Site:

A thank you to Bob Andersen for his 9 years of service on the Board, serving as Fisheries Chair and establishing and updating the current web site. Matt Skjonsby has consented to be the new web site chairman. Lake Alexander’s web site is minnesotawaters.org—click on Lake and Rivers Groups; click on page 10 for Lake Alexander Property Owners Association.

Secchi Disc and Chemical Monitoring:

The secchi disc is a means of monitoring water clarity, and Steve Sunde, Dave Schleichert, and Dale Ness continue to take secchi disc readings on the east, central, and west sections of the lake during the months of May through October. Average readings over the years have been 13-14 feet, with one recent reading reporting 20 feet of clarity.

Steve Sunde also takes water samples for chemical monitoring to determine levels of chlorophyll A, phosphate, and nitrates.

Full reports of both studies can be found on the MPCA website.

Testing for Pollution of Lake Water:

Potato fields, north of County Road #3, are ditched and the drainage from the fields run through the Bernhart Ponds and ultimately into Lake Alex. The concern is for potential pollution from usage of herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers. Alice Sunde took water samples from several drainage areas, and sent them to Pace Analytical for analysis of 22 specific chemicals.

Reports came back for all chemicals as non-detectable. Run-off water samples will continue to be taken each spring.

It is advised that all property owners in proximity of the drainage area have their well water tested regularly.

Report of Quad Lakes Grant Monies:

Morrison County obtained a state grant to combat Aquatic Invasive Species in 2015. Quad Lakes (Lake Alex, Fish Trap, Shamineau, Crookneck) received $25,700.00 to be used for educational projects, independent AIS surveys, and signage at all public accesses on the four lakes. The signs will be 3’ by 4’, indicating locations of CPL and EWM, which will be updated each year. Pamphlets will be distributed with AIS information. The plans include a 5 year program.

Election of Board Members:

Jerrid Sandstrom, Chairman of the Nominating Committee, put the following names in nomination for Board Positions: Doug Cook, Tom Pavey, Chuck Schiemo, and Alice Sunde each to serve a three year term. Nominations were closed and ballots were passed out with instructions to vote for three. Ballots were tallied and the three receiving the most votes were Alice Sunde, Chuck Schiemo, and Doug Cook. A motion was made by Pat Haggerty, seconded by Bob Mooney, to accept the ballot results.

Motion carried.


To avoid any fines or citations, property owners should contact Morrison County Planning and Zoning to ascertain what type of shoreline work is allowable.

Work will be done on the culvert by the outlet including putting a plastic liner inside. Kayaks will continue to be able to go through.

Property owners are encouraged to contact state legislators, urging them to restore DNR funding to combat AIS on Minnesota

It is possible that in the future, any bogs removed from the lakes may be deposited by the gravel pits west of Shamineau.

Ten seconds of silence was asked for our law enforcement officers.

A motion was made by John Piper, seconded by Bob Mooney, to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 10:29 A.M.

The Annual Meeting of the Lake Alexander Lake Improvement District immediately followed the adjournment of the LAPOA.

Respectfully Submitted,

Darline Molde, Secretary