April 27, 2014 LID Minutes



SUNDAY, APRIL 27, 2014  

5:15 P.M.


Board Members Present:  Kevin Flatau, Ron Wieber, Tom Bjorge, Don Holman, and Chuck Schiemo

Chairman Kevin Flatau called meeting to order at 5:15 P.M.


The LID Board unanimously approved a motion on October 18, 2011, to allow the LID Board to conduct  E-Mail and/or conference calls in the event that a motion and approval was needed ASAP, and only after a quorum was established.

Via E-Mail, on March 25, 2014, Kevin Flatau made a motion, seconded by Don Holman, that the LID Board hire Lake Restoration Inc. to do the treatment for invasive weeds in 2014 for the Lake Alexander LID.  Prices for application would remain the same .  EWM chemical prices would remain the same.  CLP chemical price changes will be allowed to increase based on the cost of procuring chemicals to a maximum increase of 6% over the 2013 prices.  Motion was unanimously approved.


Permit Update and Maps:

The permit for treating invasive plant species has been granted and received, allowing treatment of 119 acres of Eurasian Watermilfoil and 43 acres of Curlyleaf Pondweed. The amount of acreage is the same as last year.  The acreage can be modified based upon the completion of the Lake Restoration survey.

Grant Updates:

A check for the 2013 DNR grant was received in the amount of $15,610.  The amount of the 2014 grant from the DNR will be $16,210, which is $100.00 per treated acre.

Waiver of the 150 foot Setback:   Notice of treatment within the 150 feet from the shoreline was put in the April 20th and 27th issues of the Morrison County Record, and also posted at the Scandia Valley Town Hall.  If property owners did not want treatment to occur within the 150 foot setback, they were to contact the LALID either by postal or E-Mail.

Addendum to Lake Management Plan through 2016:

Two major changes were made to the Lake Management Plan effective until years end of 2016.  A waiver granting treatment within the 150 foot setback from the shoreline, and the option to double the amount of treatable acreage to the maximum of 250 acres were the addendums.

Awareness Items for the Future:

  1. Make sure the permit is issued correctly.
  2. The Lake Survey is to be done annually.
  3. Make sure the grant application is done timely and in order.  Wendy Crowell is the contact person
  4. All documents pertaining to the LID are on a memory stick.     


The LID will handle bog relocation and/or removal until July.  Action Dock and Hilltop are the two vendors that will be contacted to move the bogs, the rates being the same as last year.  It was suggested that the bogs be removed if possible.

Changes on the Board of Directors:

   Kevin Flatau submitted his resignation from the Board, effective as of April 27, 2014, since he is moving from the area.  A motion to regrettably accept his resignation was made by Don Holman, seconded by Ron Wieber.  Motion carried.

Lake Alexander and Scandia Valley will greatly miss Kevin’s leadership and dedication.  It is our loss; Alexandria MN’s gain!

A motion was made by Don Holman, seconded by Tom Bjorge, to appoint Dr. Bill Faber to fill out Kevin’s term as Chairman of the Board, effective until the July 12th Annual Meeting.  Motion carried.

Notice for Board of Director Openings:

A notice will be put in the MC Record and at the Town Hall, stating that there will be an election for three Board positions at the Annual Meeting.   The deadline for applying for a Board position is June 7th.

It was noted that applicants should have regular access and communications via E-Mail, a willingness to take calls from property owners, and the ability to follow-up if it is determined that action is needed.  Word processing skills are a plus, and investment of time is necessary for communicating to property owners, preparation of documents and attendance at meetings.

Proposal for one group of Board Members to serve LAPOA and LALID:

   The objective of the proposal is to reduce the overlap of responsibilities between the LID and the LAPOA.

The LID  and the LAPOA must remain separate operating entities due to legal reasons being that the LID is a government established body authorized by Morrison County.

The treasuries and the funds would remain in separate accounts. Meeting dates would be held concurrently during the year, and the annual meetings would be held as they are now.  The LID Board would be automatically serving members of the LAPOA, with the addition of x number of members at large.

The LAPOA would have to approve this proposal, followed by an approval of the property owners at the Annual meeting.

A motion was made to support the concept of supporting a joint cooperative agreement between the LALID and the LAPOA was made by Don Holman, seconded by Tom Bjorge.  Motion carried.

Joint Meeting of Area Lakes LID and POA:

LID and POA Board members of Lake Alexander, Crookneck, Shamineau, and FishTrap will meet at the Town Hall at 9:00 A.M. on Saturday, June 7th to discuss pertinent issues.

Next Board Meeting:

A Board Meeting will be scheduled for the end of May!


A motion was made by Don Holman to adjourn, seconded by Ron Wieber.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 6:10  P.M.

Darline Molde, Appointed Secretary