July 12, 2014 LID Minutes


Chairman Dr. Bill Faber, Ron Wieber, Tom Bjorge, Don Holman, Chuck Schiemo

Chairman Dr. Bill Faber called the meeting to order at 11:00 A.M. with approximately 60 members in attendance. Board Members and Chris Hadler, Lake Restoration Inc., were introduced. Approval of the 2013 AGM Minutes: A motion was made by Doug Cook, seconded by Kathryn Riordan, to approve the 2013 Annual Meeting minutes as printed. Motion carried. Summary of LID Actions for 2014: In April, Kevin Flatau moved from the area and submitted his resignation from the Board. Dr. Faber was appointed as temporary chairman to fill Kevin’s position.   Two major changes were made to the Lake Management Plan that included a waiver granting treatment within the 150 foot setback from the shoreline, and the option to treat up to a maximum of 250 acres if needed. DNR grant monies in the amount of $15,610 was received for 2013 invasive species treatment. Huge floating bogs, measuring up to 300 feet, have been the major problem this spring. The DNR granted a permit to remove the island size bogs, and the final cost to date is over $36,000. Recap of 2014 Treatments-Lake Resoration,Chad Hadler: A permit to treat 55 acres of Curlyleaf Pondweed (CPL) was granted; however, a survey by the DNR found only 33 acres of infested CPL. On May 28th, the Lake Restoration treated 33 acres with reports of good results. During the week of July 14th, a survey will be done for Eurasian Watermilfoil (EWM), with the results submitted for approval by the DNR. All products used for treatment are EPA and DNR approved for aquatic use, and all the applicators are licensed through the DNR. Date of treatment is dependent upon water temperature. The past winters with late ice out and heavy snow cover have deterred the growth of CPL and delayed the EWM growth. Treatment within 150’ of Shoreline—Waiver Notice: Property owners may request that control NOT occur within the 150’of their shoreline by providing a written notice to the LALID. Notices have been posted on the web site, MC Record, and at the Town Hall. Only two requests have been received to date and will be in effect until notification is received otherwise.



   It was an unprecedented year for the number of floating bogs, several island size, partially due to the very high water levels and strong winds. Several of these bogs had been staked and relocated last year; this year they broke loose, causing havoc with docks, lifts, and shoreline. Permits from the DNR had to be obtained to allow the moving and removal.The total cost for relocating and removing these bogs this year was over $36,000.Thanks to Tom Bjorge, Don Holman, and Chuck Schiemo for their time and efforts spent coordinating the project.Kenny Zetah, using a backhoe and two 10 yard dump trucks, worked endlessly removing the bogs at a cost of $200.00 an hour.Action Dock and Hilltop Sports moved these bogs to accesses for removal at a cost of $150.00 an hour.A big thanks to those who allowed dumping of the bog remains on their property namely, Randy Englehart, Ray Hoffman, Russ Neterval, Hebron Farms, Marty Jensen, and Kenny Zetah. Mike Roach was most gracious in allowing the Castaway access to be used for the removal.Thanks to all the lake property owners who helped in many ways.

             A reminder to all lake shore owners is that small sized bogs are the property owners responsibility.

LALID and LAPOA Joint Cooperative Agreement Proposal: The LALID Board and the LAPOA Membership have approved a proposal to support the concept of supporting a joint cooperative agreement between the two organizations. Details would be worked out and presented for a vote at the next Annual Meetings. Caution was expressed by Auditor Russ Nygren. Treasurer’s Report: Ron Wieber, Treasurer, had a printout report of transactions from January1-July11, 2014. The 2014 opening balance of the LID account was $108,018.14. The total of additions and deposits is $20,436.17 with expenditures of $52,262.71. The current bank balance as of July 11, 2014 is $76,191.60. Tentative expenses for this fiscal year, including EWM treatment and administrative expenses, total $53,000.00, with an income from county LID assessments of $2,300.00. The projected ending balance on 12/31/14 is $25,491.60. 2015 Proposed Budget for Lake Alexander Lake Improvement District (LALID) 12/31/14 Anticipated Ending Balance $25,491.60   2015 PROJECTED REVENUE 460 Property Owners 2015 LID assessment $200 = $92,000                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   $117,491.60      2015 DNR Grant if treat 258.5 acres @ $100 =       $25,850                                           $143,341.60        2015 PROJECTED EXPENSE/DISBURSEMENTS                         Administrative Budget                                             $500 Bogs                                                                         $50,000 Insurance MCIT                                                        $2,000 Legal Notices                                                           $400 Membership /web site host                                       $300 Miscellaneous                                                          $200 Postal Services (box rent & stamps)                       $100 $53,500 Weed Control Budget: EWM Aquathol K       117 acres @ $300 =           $35,000 CLP   2,4D                     33 acres @ $455 =           $15,000 Lake Restoration Company   150 acres                 $50,000 TOTAL ESTIMATED 2015 EXPENSES                                                                     $103,500 Anticipated bank balance at EOY 2015                                                                         $39,841.60

2015 PROPOSED ASSESSMENT PER PROPERTY                            $200.00

A motion to approve the 2015 Proposed Budget was made by Walt Kleinsteuber, seconded by Matt Skjonsby. Motion carried. Election of Board Members A tally of the ballots received for the election of Board members was completed, and the following were elected to each serve a two-year term, expiring in 2016: Tom Bjorge Dr. Bill Faber John Piper A motion was made by Matt Skjonsby, seconded by Rick Lindmeier, to accept the ballot results. Motion carried.


A motion was made by Buford Johnson to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 11:58 A.M Respectfully submitted, Darline Molde, Appointed Secretary