July 6, 2013 LID Minutes




Chairman Kevin Flatau, Ron Wieber, Rick Lindmeier, Tom Bjorge, Don Holman

Chairman Kevin Flatau called the meeting to order at 10:55 A.M. with approximately 50 members in attendance.

Board Members and Chris Hadler, Lake Restoration Inc., were introduced.

Approval of the 2013 AGM Minutes:

A motion was made by Dan Riordan, seconded by Bill Faber, to approve the 2012 Annual Meeting minutes as printed. Motion carried.

Summary of LID Actions for 2013:

Rick Lindmeier reported that last November, bids were submitted to several providers, and a contract was awarded to Lake Restoration, which had the low bid and met all the qualifications.

Application for a permit to treat invasive species was submitted to the DNR in April, after which a survey of Curlyleaf Pondweed (CLP) was conducted. The DNR then granted a permit for treatment of 43.3 acres of CLP which was conducted on June 6th; an area in the west end was cut back to 2.5 acres due to presence of native pondweed, but a portion of Anderson Bay was added as requested by the DNR.

A round of applause was given to Rick for his 7 years of diligent effort, coordinating work with the applicators.

Lake Restoration Inc,:

Chad Hadler reported that his company is family owned, based in Rogers, MN, and has been in business since 1977, providing aquatic weed control and analogy services to lakes through out MN and Wisconsin. Treatment sites are determined from survey points provided by the DNR along with a survey done by the applicator. This data is loaded unto the application boats with GPS coordinates, and weight loaded rakes to determine the amount of invasive species in a specific area. Data is then computed and a map is sent to the Lid Board and the DNR for permit approval. The survey included 483 points that were checked in 0-20 feet of water, spaced 100 meters apart.

Boats are equipped with a 20-foot wide boom with four 30 foot weighted trail hoses along with a microprocessor that adjusts the rate of the herbicide application. The product is delivered precisely to the targeted vegetation area.

The survey for Eurasian Watermilfoil (EWM) is currently being conducted with a target treatment date in mid-July. Plant growth is delayed, due to the late ice-out.

Treatment within 150’ of Shoreline—Waiver Notice:

Notice is hereby given: The LID was granted a waiver by the DNR, allowing treatment within 150 feet of shoreline. Property owners may request that control NOT occur adjacent to their property by providing a written notice to the LALID. Notice may be made at this meeting.  Notices have also been posted on the web site, MC Record, and at the Town Hall which outlines treatment details.


Treasurer’s Report:

Ron Wieber, Treasurer, has been diligently working with the county to obtain the correct number of littoral property owners, which currently numbers 454. The 2013 opening balance of the LID account was $69,721.74. The total of anticipated expenses in 2013 is $72,281.85, with the anticipated 2013 revenue of $123,304. The 2013 projected ending balance is estimated at $120,744.51.

A motion was made by Dan Riodan, seconded by Dave Schleichert, to approve the Treasurer’s Report. Motion carried.

Grant Monies:

Kevin Flatau was thanked and received applause for pursuing and obtaining DNR grant monies of $28,000 in 2012 and $25,000 in 2013.

2014 Proposed Budget for Lake Alexander Lake Improvement District (LALID)

2013 Anticipated Ending Balance $120,744.51

2014 Estimated Expenses Acres Cost per acre

CPL Treatment 50 $406.77 $20,338.50

EWM Treatment 225 $224.54 $50,522.06

Floating Bog Relocation $ 5,000.00

Insurance and Administrative Expense $2,500.00

Total $78,360.56


Current Number of Littoral Property Owners 454 $ 4,500.00


A motion to approve the 2014 Proposed Budget was made by Dan Riordan, seconded by Lindy Zelinski. Motion carried. The $10.00 is a nominal amount to allow for on-going record keeping with the County Assessor’s Office.

A cost saving bid from Lake Restoration for treatment, in addition to receiving two grants totaling $53,000.00 are two contributing factors for the low 2014 assessment!

Election of Board Members

A tally of the ballots received for the election of Board members was completed, and the following were elected to each serve a two-year term, expiring in 2015:

Ron Wieber

Chuck Schiemo

A motion was made by Dan Riodan, seconded by Bill Faber, to accept the ballot results. Motion carried


Several floating bogs have been moved to secure locations on the lake. Tom Bjorge and Don Holman are the Co-Chairs of the “bog committee”; they in turn will contact the provider that is Hilltop Sports. Just a reminder, that any floating bogs smaller than 4’x 8’ is the property owners responsibility.

The Nature Conservancy(TNC):

Todd Holman, TNC, requested a partnership with the LAPOA and the LALID, to use matching funds to obtain grant monies with the goal being to develop a Lake Alexander Watershed Plan and a long term management plan to track Invasive Species. The LALID Board recommended that the LID enter this partnership with the following conditions: determine the legality of using our assessment monies as matching funds, that the program will not require any additional funding from the LID, that the LID receives regular updates, and that measurable actions are taken by TNC that the LID Board endorses.

A motion was made by Jim Lilienthal, seconded by Bill Faber, to approve the partnership with TNC under the conditions that were outlined by the LID Board, and to send a letter of endorsement to TNC. Motion carried.


A motion was made by Bill Faber, seconded by Dave Schleichert, to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 11:47 A.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Darline Molde, Appointed Secretary