June 17, 2013 LID Minutes




Monday, June 17TH, 2013 6:30 P.M.

Board Members Present: Kevin Flatau, Rick Lindmeier, Ron Wieber, Tom Bjorge, Don Holman

Chairman Kevin Flatau called meeting to order at 6:30 P.M.


Todd Holman, Freshwater Program Director for the Nature Conservancy, presented proposal ideas for a partnership with the Lake Alexander Lake Improvement District and the Property Owners Association. Grant monies are being sought from the Midwest Glacial Lakes Partnership that would be used to develop a Lake Alexander Watershed Plan, and a development of a long-term management plan to track Aquatic Invasive Species. The Nature Conservancy is not asking for funding; they are only asking for permission to be able to use matching funds from both the LAPOA and the LALID..

No action was taken by the LALID Board until it is determined the legality of counting assessment monies as matching funds. The LID Board is also evaluating: to ensure no additional cost to LID now or in future; also look for consensus approval from the membership of the Property Owners Association as a guide.

It was noted that any endorsement by the LALID for a partnership would be needed by mid-August for implementation for a grant application.


Board Nominees:

The names of Ron Wieber, Incumbent Treasurer, along with Ray Moshier and Chuck Schiemo, will be placed on the ballot that was mailed out to all littoral property owners. Ballots may be mailed to Kevin Flatau or brought to the July 6th Annual Meeting. Vote for two.

A Thank You was extended to Rick Lindmeier, retiring Board Member, doing an admirable job dealing with the aquatic invasive species applicators for seven years. He will be difficult to replace and very much missed by the Board!


Current Treatment Update:

Rick and Kevin reported that the Lake Restoration surveyed the Curlyleaf Pondweed (CLP) when the water temps reached 48-50 degrees. On June 6th 43.3 acres of CPL were treated which included 18.5 acres in the Southeast 5.5 acres in East end of the lake that the DNR requested treatment be made. The weather was cooperative and the application should be very effective. It was noted that in order for the CLP treatment to be effective, the same areas should be treated for five consecutive years.

The survey for Eurasian Watermilfoil (EWM) will be conducted the week of June 24th, with the projected date of treatment about mid-July. For most effective results, the areas of EWM should be treated for three consecutive years.

Grant Monies:

Kevin reported that grant monies for which the LALID applied, has been approved for a maximum of $25,000. A Thank You was extended to Kevin for his diligent work in obtaining this grant.


Several large floating bogs have been reported and relocated on the lake. Don Holman and Tom Bjorge were appointed co-chairman of the “bog committee’ and will be responsible for notifying Hilltop Sports to move the bogs. A reminder that any bogs smaller than 4’x8’ will be the property owners responsibility.

Assessment for 2014:

Kevin and Ron will be working on a proposed budget and assessment per property for 2014 which will be presented to the littoral property owners at the July 6th Annual Meeting. It was agreed that the budget estimate should include treatment of 225 EWM acres and 45 acres of CLP and include a 5% increase in the cost of chemicals.

It was noted that the assessment per property owner should be considerable less in 2014 due to receiving grant monies and cost savings by using the Lake Restoration applicators.

A motion was made by Rick, seconded by Tom, to keep a balance of $25,000 in the treasury for a carry- over in 2014 in case of unexpected expenses, such as a Point Intercept Survey. Motion carried.

DNR Public Accesses Boat Check:

Tom reported that there are two people working full time monitoring accesses on three lakes: Lake Alexander, Fish Trap, and Shamineau. They are taking information such as boat licenses and checking boats for exotic species. If they determine there is a need for issuing a ticket, the DNR will be contacted.

Treatment within 150’ of Shoreline:

The DNR granted a permit to treat exotic plant species within 50 feet of the shoreline instead of the current 150 feet setback. Shoreline property owners may request that control NOT occur adjacent to their property. Notices has been posted on Lake Alexander’s web site, at the Town Hall, with the Morrison County Record, and will be announced at the July 6th Annual Meeting.

Web Site:

Kevin has web site access and will post all LALID pertinent information and Board meeting minutes on the site. The website address is www.minesotawaters.org where one should lick on Lakes and Rivers Group, then a click on L for Lake Alexander.


A motion was made by Tom, seconded by Ron, to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:02 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Darline Molde, Appointed Secretary