May 26, 2014 LID Minutes

LAKEALEXANDER LAKE IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT BOARD MEETING SCANDIA VALLEY TOWN HALL MONDAY, May 26, 2014 6:00 P.M. Board Members Present:  Dr. Bill Faber, Ron Wieber, Tom Bjorge, and Chuck Schiemo Chairman Dr. Bill Faber called meeting to order at 6:25  P.M. LAKE RESTORATION, INC. (LRI) The LRI survey, along with maps defining areas of CurlyLeaf Pondweed (CLP), was conducted on May 16th, showing 53 acres of infested CLP.  Results were received from Christine Jurek regarding the DNR survey on May 23rd, which showed very little evidence of CLP growth in Lake Alexander.  The DNR Office granted the permit for treating 53 acres of CLP, but the DNR office encouraged the Board to look at these acres and decide if treatment is necessary in the mapped areas. Chuck Schiemo will contact Chad Hadler (LRI) to ask about the discrepancy concerning the two surveys. . Waiver of the 150 foot Setback: Notice of treatment within the 150 feet from the shoreline was put in the April 20th and 27th issues of the Morrison County Record, and also posted at the Scandia Valley Town Hall.  There were no responses received from property owners that wished to opt out from treatment within the 150-foot setback from their shoreline. Addendum to Lake Management Plan through 2016: The new Lake Management Plan added a maximum of 250 treatable acreage for invasive aquatic vegetation. .  . Bogs! Bogs! Bogs! Due to the high water this spring season (or whatever the cause), Lake Alexander has had three or four huge bogs (island size) that have broken off and now are sailing around the lake, causing lift and dock damage, plus denying some property owners access to the lake.  This has resulted in grief, frustration, monetary loss, and aggravation to many property owners.   It is suspected that some (or all) of the floating bogs were previously staked, and relocated behind Green’s Island last year.  Tom Bjorge and Don Holman have been diligently working with the property owners, the DNR and vendors, trying to find a solution that is long term and cost effective. A motion was made by Ron Wieber, seconded by Chuck Schiemo, to sign a contract with Kenny Zetah for the removal of the large bogs from the lake at a rate of $200.00 per hour, using two trucks for hauling plus a backhoe.    The dumping fee on the property of Randy Engelhart is a$750.00, payable to Kenny Zetah.  Motion carried. A permit for the disposal site is needed from the Trails and Waterways, along with proof of liability insurance from Kenny Zetah in the amount of $1.5 million. A motion by Ron Wieber, seconded by Chuck Schiemo, to authorize Tom Bjorge to obtain the necessary permits and contract a vendor or two to move these  “island size bogs” to the East Public access for disposal by Kenny Zetah.   Motion carried. Notice for Board of Director Openings: A notice was put in the MC Record for two consecutive weeks, and also at the Town Hall, stating that there will be an election for three Board positions at the Annual Meeting.   The deadline for applying for a Board position is June 1st.  Dr. Bill Faber and Tom Bjorge have consented to have their names on the ballot, along with John Piper.  Other nominations will be asked from the floor at the July 12th Annual Membership Meeting. It was noted that applicants should have regular access and communications via E-Mail, a willingness to take calls from property owners, and the ability to follow-up if it is determined that action is needed.  Word processing skills are a plus, and investment of time is necessary for communicating to property owners, preparation of documents and attendance at meetings.   Proposal for one group of Board Members to serve LAPOA and LALID: A motion was made at the April Board Meeting to support the concept of supporting a joint cooperative agreement between the LALID and the LAPOA.  Motion carried. The LAPOA tabled their vote until the next Board Meeting on June 8th . Joint Meeting of Area Lakes LID and POA: LID and POA Board members of Lake Alexander, Crookneck, Shamineau, and FishTrap will meet at the Town Hall at 9:00 A.M. on Saturday, June 7th to discuss pertinent issues. ADJOURN A motion was made by Tom Bjorge to adjourn, seconded by Ron Wieber.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 7:20   P.M. Darline Molde, Appointed Secretary