LID Notices


The Lake Alexander LID assessment for 2014 has been set and approved at annual meeting for $10 per property owner. 



Lake Alexander Lake Improvement District 2013



The LALID would like to inform property owners on Lake Alexander that we have applied for a permit which would allow us to treat the Invasive Species of Curly Leaf Pondweed (CPL) and Eurasian Water Milfoil (EWM) to within 50 feet of the shoreline instead of the current 150 feet setback.  A total of two treatments are planned which would occur during the months of June and July, 2013.  The method of control for CLP being used is Aquathol K or Clearcast.  The method of control for EWM being used is Triclopyr or 2,4-D or both.  All products are EPA and MDA Registered Aquatic Herbicides.


Shoreline property owners may request that control NOT occur adjacent to the landowner’s property within 150 feet of shoreline.  If you desire that treatment NOT occur adjacent to your property, please provide your name and property address, and notify the LALID at the following address:

LALID, 4028 Lakeview Drive, Cushing MN 56443

Or by E-Mail



      Lake Alexander Lake Improvement District 7/6/13   2014 Proposed Assessment Worksheet          2013 Opening Balance    $          69,721.74      2013 ExpensesAcresCost per Acre   CLP Treatment43.4 $                      384.00 $          (16,665.60)  EWM Treatment225 $                      213.85 $          (48,116.25)        Floating Bog Relocation   $             (5,000.00)        Insurance and Administrative Expense  $             (2,500.00)       Total Anticipated Expenses 2013    $        (72,281.85)            2013 Revenue      Assessment Rec’d from County  May & Nov   $             98,304.62  – Current Number of Littoral Property Owners454   – Proposed Assessment per Property$216.53         Grant from DNR   $             25,000.00       Total Anticipated Revenue 2013    $        123,304.62            2013 Anticipated Ending Balance    $        120,744.51            2014 Estimated ExpensesAcresCost per Acre   CLP Treatment50 $                      406.77 $          (20,338.50)  EWM Treatment225 $                      224.54 $          (50,522.06)              Floating Bog Relocation   $             (5,000.00)        Insurance and Administrative Expense  $             (2,500.00)       Total Estimated Expenses 2014    $        (78,360.56)            2014 Proposed Assessment    $            4,540.00 – Current Number of Littoral Property Owners454         2014 Proposed Assessment Per Property$10.00   Nominal Amount to allow for on-going record keeping with County Assessors Office