Welcome to the lake!

HELLO from Kathy Boeckman, our President!

Please consider joining the Lake Beauty Association, a committed group of residents that values our lake and understand its fragile nature. We not only connect and socialize with our neighbors, but we also take action to protect our beautiful community. Our group includes both permanent and summer-only residents. No one knows Lake Beauty like we do!

The Lake Beauty Association was established in 1991 by residents and property owners who were passionate about the lake and its future. Today, the Association remains committed to maintaining the quality our lake, one of the best kept secrets in Central Minnesota. Lake Beauty covers 238 acres, with an average clarity of 11.2 feet. This makes it perfect for swimming, fishing and all around family fun. We have the best panfish and bass fishing is the area.

The association helps monitor the condition of the lake, develop lake management plans, educate property owners, work with the MN DNR to improve fish habitat, serve as an organized voice with township and county governments, and maintain local ordinances. We also plan social gatherings for residents throughout the year, welcome newcomers, repair birdhouses around the lake, and build free libraries for all to use.

This association has remained strong for 26+ years because we committed to Lake Beauty’s future. Unlike other associations that formed to solve existing problems (aquatic invasive species, poor water quality), we formed to maintain the current water quality and purity. We work proactively to prevent future problems. And have fun doing this together. Please consider joining our association today! Contact me for more information.

Best Regards,
Kathy Boeckman

President, Lake Beauty Association