A copy of the PowerPoint slides that Eric Altena, Area Fisheries Manager presented at the Spring 2017 membership meeting can be viewed here: DNR Fishing Report Shamineau_2017

Lake Shamineau has excellent water clarity. There are two public accesses and two resorts on the lake. Dense vegetation beds, of which Canada waterweed, northern watermilfoil, and water (wild) celery are the most common species and grow out to a depth of 17 feet. Sand is the most abundant shallow water substrate. The lake has a regulation requiring the immediate release of northern pike between 24 and 36 inches with one over 36 inches allowed in possession.

The following species were found in Lake Shamineau during the 2014 Minnesota Department of Natural Resources fish survey:

black bullhead
black crappie
hybrid sunfish
largemouth bass
northern pike
rock bass
white sucker
yellow bullhead
yellow perch

  Click HERE for a complete Minnesota Department of Natural Resources lake information and fishing report for Lake Shamineau.

Protecting the water quality in Shamineau Lake is a high priority of the lake association and landowners around the lake. Fishermen and recreational boaters are reminded that they need to be diligent about cleaning both their boats and trailers when going between lakes to prevent the spread of exotic species.