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Wonderful lake but fighting the water and ice is a full time focus.
With the lake being well over the high water mark we are supportive of all efforts to lower the level and maintain it. Not only is our property threatened but the access road to our property is threatened. We assume that many septic systems are also affected by this high water level and I am concerned that they are not draining properly. We hope that this investigation will include the aquifer effect on the high water. Thank you.
Through the years we have seen the lake continue to rise and it never seems to go down and now the water is at a point where it is seriously affecting the shoreline and banks of the lake. We really need to see what can be done about this. I appreciate everyone’s effort to get this corrected.
The whole of Lakeshore Drive has been negatively affected, as I’m sure other parts of the lake shoreline.
The water is at the door of my boat house now. When I got the permit for the boat house there was 35 feet of shore line behind the high water berm and a tree line and all is gone now.
My property has been in my family since 1958 and I have come to it since I was three. I am now 62. I see no end to the rise of the lake level given my experience on the lake. I am deeply concerned and will have to aerate in years to come in order to protect what little property I have left in front of my cabin.
Where is all the water coming in from??? It seems to have gotten higher every year since there was a problem southwest of the lake with some roads.
I tend to believe that the drainage should be to south under 203 towards Lake Alexander but poor culverts and road construction has blocked it.
The footings of our home built in 1969 are in the water, currently. If the lake level raises another 1.5′ our finished basement will be flooded.
We are concerned by the high water levels and that they continue to rise with no solution in sight. We notice many cabins on Lake Shore Drive that will lose access to their property if the water rises much higher; some owners already need to use muck boots to reach their cabin door. We have seen duck and geese swimming in yards that are excessively wet. With property values easily running in the multi-millions we are incredulous that the county isn’t actively seeking a solution to this problem.
Please limit or correct the inlet water to the lake by repairing the earth dam located at the inlet on the states land. I feel that they should be responsible for, including monitoring the levels of the lake and compare to the damages of the earth dam they dug up while installing 2 culverts that are poorly planned and installed with very little erosion protection!!!
I believe our market value should be significantly lower than stated on current property taxes.
Our plan is to retire and live full time on Shamineau but we are starting to think we cant keep making these repairs every year and feel like we may have to consider another lake. We love shamineau and have had our propery for 30 years and really don’t want to leave.
Have lost 4′ of shoreline which has resulted in the base of the 97 stairs down to the lake now being at the waters edge and in danger of damage from additional erosion.
Would like to see the water level lowered by at least 3 feet if possible.
I’m running out of money due to expenses by the lake
I expect there to be some variance in water level over 25 years but the height of the water now continues to rise even with no snow over the past two years. It does appear that something has changed.
It is critical that lake levels be significantly reduced.
no work done because don’t know what can be done. ??
We look forward to a resolution to this problem as soon as possible. Having waters drain into Shamineau from ditches to the south is something we’ve been aware of for years, but we could never get anyone to listen to our concerns. Thank goodness for our wonderful Lake Shamineau Association.
Lost 3 pine trees 40′ tall over the past three years. Another is ready to go. These trees are 50-70 years old which indicates the waters change/impact
Boat house is unusable and has shifted/cracked due to ice heaving
The water seems to rising faster. We were surprised to see how much it had risen over this past winter considering the lack of snowfall. We worry about the long term damage to our lake and our property.
I would like to make some scathing comments about the Morrison County Planning and Zoning Dept., but that’s an issue for another discussion. I have discussed these lake lot protection issues with Mn. House of Representatives Speaker Kurt Daudt’s office and offered some of my own thoughts to them. My family and I are still the new people in the Shamineau neighborhood, having had our cabin for only 30+ years, a tenure that is wholly inadequate to qualify us for any relief, or so said one of the Morrison County commissioners.
This high water has continued for several years and a solution needs to be found to resolve this issue to ensure stabilization of properties being affected by the high water. There have got to be other environmental issues impacting the high water levels on this Lake that have not in previous years been an issue.
We have not been affected by the change in water levels.
Insurance will not cover anything.. All expenses are out of pocket
The high water level is the most important issue with the lake right now, no matter how much shore line restoration you want to do, it will be destroyed by the high water which causes the shoreline heaving and erosion, so just wasting money trying to just fix and beautify the shoreline without eliminating the problem of the high water. Questioning if the well water is safe with the high water levels. Also the waves are different because the reeds that once were by the channel are gone/letting loose, they would flourish again if lake level was down and help slow the waves down. Also the floating bogs are not just boating hazards they are also changing the flow of the water when brought to a different part of the lake….just pushes more water to your neighbors shore line and causes more damage for them. Many home owners are just trying to “save” there homes/property from further damage. All of us would love to see our homes be enjoyed from one generation to the next. We purchased our place in 1996 and never had any issues until the high water came creeping up on us for the past few years and took my land away and I am the one paying for some ones mistake? I feel this high water level is not just caused by mother nature, there has to be a underlying cause which needs to be corrected ASAP and the county, state, DNR should all be included in the expense. Please Post No Wake Zones at public accesses and Resorts and possibly post with floating markers along the shoreline, maybe if they have a visual reminder while on the lake they will respect the no wake zone.
We are very concerned about how quickly the water level has risen in the 9 years since we purchased our cabin. The cabin sits very close to the lake, and we fear that if the water rises much higher we will lose our property and this second home that means so much to our family.
If the lake continues to rise we will lose our boathouse.
It is unfortunate that the county and DNR are unable to recognize the rising water as an issue. I’ve been advised by the county planning dept that they have no plans to make plans to help mitigate water issues. The DNR claims the water issues are a county issue not a DNR issue. I am absolutely convinced that changes have occurred in the wetlands surrounding the lake that allow increased amounts of water to flow into the lake. And, I’m convinced that water will continue to rise until lake owners take on the issue themselves and take effective steps to either (1) reduce water from entering the lake or (2) provide a means for excessive water to leave the lake.
If it gets higher, I don’t think there is a dock that will be viable for our lot.
We have held off making much needed current repairs, hoping the water would go down enough that new repairs would take hold. Also very confused as to what work is allowed, and what needs permits.
Thank you for your continued efforts to find a solution for the high water. We must keep working on this, or many peoples property and investments will be lost. We are fearful of losing what we have invested so much time and money into. If a solution can’t be found to alleviate the high water, then the the SWCD, Morrison County, and DNR must be more flexible in allowing property owner to bring in fill in an effort to preserve our property. This issue has caused a tremendous amount of stress for our family as we face the possibility of losing our investment.
We are very concerned about making a short-term decision which could potentially be more damaging to the lake in the long-term. We are concerned that draining the lake could affect the fish and loon habitats. What happens when we have a few years of low rain levels? We can’t pump the water back into the lake. We have all chosen to live on the lake. Weather, rain, winter conditions and lake levels are all cyclical and in time things will return to their “normal” levels.
This survey is only designed to capture damage due to higher lake levels & does not take into effect those who do not agree with the push to lower the lake level.
In order to change the level of the lake the DNR has stated it requires 100% approval of all property owners. The LID will not receive 100% approval, so why is that being pursued as an option? Why should our dollars be used for a study that will not be agreed upon by 100% of the property owners?
There seems to be a conflict of interest in that those on the LID have property damage. Is there anyone on the LID that does not have damage?
Our lake is contaminated with milfoil. Do we have a thorough understanding of effects of moving contaminated water? Are there legal ramifications in moving contaminated water?
We do not agree with this push to lower the lake level by man-made means. We’ve had higher than normal rainfall over the past several years. According to the Star Tribune, September 2016, we have had the wettest year on record since 1911 by 1.25 inches. What happens when Mother Nature’s pendulum swings? How does the LID board propose that we reclaim the water we have wasted?
I’m very concerned something is done about the rising water level.
We have three dead oak trees that will need to be removed. They died last year due to high water level.
I have owned this property for over 50 years. For 40 of those yeats the lake has risen and fallen normally. For the last 10 years, it has been continuously rising, causing a lot of damage to property owners. This can only be a result of the outlets being altered. It needs to be corrected.
The cost was plenty & labor same
My inlaws (Jerry & Delores Shaver) have been coming to what is now our cabin since the 1940’s. They recall a road that went in front of the boathouse – all the way to Augers (Houghts) Resort. There was land and sand beyond that out to the lake. Our neighbors (Dick & Sherry Billing) tell of the old Teshe’s Resort (end of our bay) where the guests parked IN FRONT of the cabins – where the lake is now.
Due to high water we’ve lost land & because of that some family members aren’t allowed to park on our own land because its to close to the water. We also can’t add-on to cabin for extended family because water is to high.
I don’t think there is a thing we can do about it.
There are many projects that need further work due to high water including our retaining/landscaping walls that have been damaged from ice jacking and shoreline work needs to be done. Other projects are yet to be determined if the water remains over the high water level, including possibly building a garage.
Water level needs to go down – rip rap doesn’t work because ice pushes it up every winter.
I believe it is possible that the NW bay would see substantial weed growth if lake levels were dropped too severely. With the discovery of milfoil & curly pond leaf, the bay may be restricted by weed growth.
When the cabin was build we were 6 ft above water we went down steps to get on docks. Something is wrong with this whole picture. My taxes keep going the same way the water is.
This is the worse I have seen in 30 years
We need to work together to fix this
Even with the work & damage what a great lake to live on!
We have a pontoon that has sealegs. Because the water was high last year & the legs only go so high, the high water would push the boat up from the bottom, come loose & bang against the side of the dock. We pulled the boat as close to shore as it would go. In fact it basically sat partially on shore and was not moved or used from July until we took it out of the water. Previously when the water was a little more shallow the sea legs worked right.
At one of the meetings it was said that there were no major projects around the lake but it only takes one to affect lake level!! Still paying high taxes!
We still have damages to one of our inhabitant buildings (roof and fascia) which will require tree removal and repair of roof and adjacent fascia.
Its not just the lake level but the water table that is rising, 6 to 8″ below my basement level.