Describe the changes you have seen in lake levels.

Have lost shore beaches
We have only been in our home for a year but, water is always on our mind as any rainfall impacts our home with flooding potential. The biggest impact is ice jacking costing us thousands of dollars to repair each spring thus far
Since purchasing property in late 1960s, shoreline has come up hundreds of feet so that the shore is higher than the terrestrial vegetation with trees in the water and water is close to the cabin. Ice jacking on the shoreline not previously seen.
When we bought our property 11 years ago, we had an area between the bluff and the lake where we could sit by the lake and swim etc. Even though we have tried to save our shoreline with rip rap, it is a continual battle, and the lake is winning. Our shore line is disappearing. There are many mature trees in our area that have fallen into the lake
In 1991 we had six feet of sand beach in front of our rock riprap. We have had much water in our yard with major damages. Many trees have died and we have old trees that are in the water that obviously were not originally in the water. Water has been to our cabin and this original cabin dates to the early nineteen hundreds. It is very disturbing and worrisome to us.
Shore line erosion. Damage to home or cabin buildings at lower elevation. Damage to existing boat houses near lake. Lake has been consistently to high for several years.
Definite rise in water level consuming people’s properties
higher water levels effecting shorelines – no longer any beach
We have seen the lake go from having about 10 feet of beach to water being up to the bank and rising.
Our shoreline has been adversely affected for the last two years. Ice Jacking and erosion have been severe and we have already spent thousands of dollars to fix our shoreline. We are looking into a aeration system for the winter of 2017/18 and beyond if the lake level does not go down. I also think the quality of our well water has been affected with higher levels of iron in the water.
Super high. Never even close to this
Keeps getting higher every year. when we bought in 1991 we had about 8 ft. of sand beach, now we have nothing but high water.
Cabin on Lake since 1991, lived on Lake since 2004. In that time I am guessing it is up 2 feet
The water level of Shamineau was 6 feet lower when we purchased our riparian property in 1970. Since around 1990 the levels have been rising.
I now swim (not wade) where I used to mow. To safely dive head first off the dock in 1982 a 16 foot dock was required, in 2016 a 72 foot long dock was needed to reach the same point in the lake. The lake level has risen and killed numerous trees that were on the “old” shoreline. The depth of our lake lot continues to shrink; to date we have lost @ 5,600 square feet of recreational use area to rising lake levels. Muskrats and wave action are eroding the shoreline and the ground is spongy to walk on, never completely drying out.
The rise of water is washing shore land into the lake and sand is decreasing on the beach. Ice jacking is causing serious damages to shore land and buildings, including docks and boat lifts. In the last 5 years we have lost 20′ of shore and only have 15′ left before it hits the cabin. We have lost the bogs that held fish and loon nests, list goes on and on, including cost associated with cabin and shore line damages ,$$$$
When we first bought our place in the early 90’s, we had a beach plus two ridges We could play Volley ball Now, we can almost walk from our steps right into the lake. Glad for the hill!!
Rapid Rising lake levels in the past 8 years.
Since the 1990’s we have lost 30 feet of shoreline, dozens of trees and thousands of dollars in repair to our lift and deck.
Up 3′ in 20 years
Extremely high. The the highest we’ve seen since the 60’s.
The cabin we own was originally part of Tesch’s Resort, of which I have been familiar with since when I was 16 in 1974. I did many odd jobs and building projects for her as an employee of my fathers construction company. I remember how nice the sand beach was along the entire resort frontage. That has all disappeared and is now a rock shoreline. My cousins the Riebe’s, purchased one of the farthest Tesch cabins to the northwest back in the 70’s or so. I remember they also had a sandy beach. That is long been gone and I know that about 15 or so years ago they had to have there cabin repaired from ice jacking. My wife Nancy purchased the furthest of the original Tesch cabins to the southeast, our present property in 1987. What was once a nice sloping sand beach is now an entire rock wall running from one end of the old resort to the other end. Our cabin used to be over a hundred feet from the water with several mature trees. Ice jacking has taken most of the trees. We’ve spent thousands to repair the shoreline. I could say a lot more.
It is claimed that Shamineau Lake has no outlet. That is not factually true. While it has no moving water stream outlet it has natural ground outlets on the westerly side that filters the water off through a series of swamps that eventually drain into Fishtrap creek or the Long Prairie river.
Now this is where the trouble started! This is where it gets political. Long time ago, 30-40 years, maybe longer, the State of MN (DNR), dammed up a swamp northeast of Shamineau Lake, now called Stansfield Lake. The “reasons” for this is another story. This started the first rise in water level. Then came the probable major effect when US 10 was rebuilt into a 4 lane divided as it is today some 25 years or so ago. What used to be natural ground drainage was now dredged and filled to provide “solid” footing for the new highway, effectively eliminating little if any ground water transfer! These series of swamps were the spillway for Lake Shamineau!
Need to stop raising levels
We use to have about 25 feet of sand below our rocks and now the water is almost 3 feet up on the rocks.
Lake is up
While we used to have about 15-20 of sandy beach from the front of the boathouse to the lake, that is now gone. Currently the water is about 4 feet under the boathouse.
The water has been continuously been high and affecting the shoreline since we moved in 16 years ago.
Over the course of the last 5 or so years the water level has continually increased causing severe damage to the shoreline – we used to have some sand shoreline in front of our cabin now the water is up into the rip rap and during the winter the ice expansion pushes the rip rap into the bank and rolls up the shore. We try to put the shore back to what we believe is the prior year. This is an expensive process and we feel that we are losing ground to this. When we were permitted they required that we have a set-back of 50 ft – now I believe we are less than that due to this high water cause and effect.
In addition, last year we were notified incorrectly by the Soil and Water division that we required a permit to replace the shore which is not the case.
There was a small sand beach when bought our property in 2009. Now there is no beach and we have a permanent pool of water where there used to be dry ground with vegetation and trees.
They’re up! Not much to say other than that
I have seen the loss of about 6 feet of frontage to my property
In 25 years on the lake I have seen the loss of 15 feet of shoreline and the water level raised by a foot and a half to 2 feet
My grandparents owned the cabin two doors down from us toward augers. As I child it had a beach area and we could walk out well past the dock and it was not over our heads. If you look at that property now the lake is getting closer and closer to the cabin. So sad to see.
When we bought the cabin in 1989, we had about 40 feet between the shoreline and the water. This has almost entirely disappeared, and we have lake water entering our boathouse.
Loss of land, High water / flooding etc. Devastating.
Now one foot over OHWL
Lake levels have changed the entire shoreline appearance and vegetation in the 20 years we have been property owners. Our lakeside yard is wet and like a sponge, and our basement is flooded. A sump pump runs constantly. In the winter we have to aerate to prevent our entire lakeshore from being pushed up into the cabin. Our swamp has also risen higher than we have ever seen it between us and the golf course.
7+ years water continue to rise to historic levels.
Water has risen, more weeds
In the 32 years we have been there originally we had 15 ft. Of sand. Beach ,now we have a rock wall with two ft. Of water in front.
Over the 20 years that we have owned the property, we have totally lost our beach and have had to twice invest in installing riprap and landscaping. We have seen the water rise over 2 feet at our shoreline and have lost trees and other plants. Water clarity is getting to be an issue and we worry about other future affects on our beautiful lake.
Loss of a big beach, loss of parking space, loss of at least six trees, one of which nearly hit our cabin. Very large (4 ft. tall) ice pushes (this year). Past ice pushes have damaged our boat lift and destroyed parking. Flooding has caused the destruction of our permanent ice fishing house. We’ve never had the extent of bullrushes that we do now. High water has lifted our pontoon from the lift and drove it into the dock, puncturing one of the pontoons.
High water level, loss of beach front shoreline. Used to be able to walk the shoreline on sand replaced now by the high water.
It has not affected our cabin or lot.
Much higher than previous ten years
higher lake levels..beach is better now because of riprap and rocks…alot more weeds
the lake level is 18-24 inches higher then the normal high water level, so have lost 15-20 feet of beach from cabin over the past few years. Lost our beautiful beach to the high water.
When we bought the cabin in 2008, there was about 5 feet of sandy beach in front of our shoreline rocks. Now the water is near the top of the rocks, and we have had to add more rocks twice to keep the water from continuing to erode the shoreline.
Considerably higher in the last 10 years
higher lake levels, damaged shore lines
Over the past 25 years we have lost more than 20 feet of beach no shoreline. The icejacking in the past three years has consistently become worse on the shoreline.
loss of lakeshore due to high water and waves
The water is so high the beach is gone.
The lake has made my boathouse heave. The concrete block walls are broken and the pad on the floor is broken. In 1990 the boathouse was 3 or 4 feet above the water. Now it is about 6 inches above the water.
In my lifetime, I have seen the loss of more than 75′ of lawn and beach in front of our family cabin.
We had to purchase a new dock. There was no way (since we are on a hill) that we could put the old one in without it being underwater.
I have only been there 5 years so cannot speak to much before this time , but si I have had ice jacking damage in 2 of the last 3 years.
When we purchased the property in 1992 we had a beach area put in that fall. It’s been under water ever since then and the rock wall had to be rebuilt. Two doors down from me they used to have volley ball games on the beach in front of their cabin. No beach anymore
We’ve owned since 1990. Water is up 4-5 feet since then. Never had water in our crawl space until the last several years.
Our front yard is entirely under water! We have lost all use of the front yard. The icejacking has pushed our shoreline in 10-15ft over the past 3 years. We have lost a tremendous amount of yard due to the shoreline being pushed closer and closer to our cabin. And the front yard we do have left is under water. The high water has resulted in water in our cabin crawl space, which we’ve had to fill in order to prevent cabin damage.
The lake is up over the last 3 years due to record rain seasons. Icejacking is related to the conditions of the winter not necessarily tied to high water levels. We think it is presumptuous to blame all of the above on high water levels.
We have had no damage due to higher lake levels; however, we have observed the lake level rise & fall over the 20+ years we’ve been owners on the lake due to what we presume to be changes in rainfall amounts.
water level too high ice jacking wrecking boat house erosion of shore line
much higher
Consistently higher. We purchased our property in 1994. At that time we had 10 to 15 feet of sandy shoreline. Today we have none, it’s all under water as is our lawn/grassy areas.
We’ve been on the lake since 1960 – back then, the edge of the water was over 100′ from a large pine tree we use as a reference point. In 1973 the edge of the water was 68′ from that pine tree. Now it is 11 1/2′. We’ve lost over a dozen trees over the years. We do Secchi readings for the last 5 years – 5 years ago, our average readings were 17 1/2 feet – now they are 11 feet.
Normal for 40 years and abnormally high for the last 10 years. This has caused me so many hours of work and cost me thousands of dollars.
Lost approximately 32 ft of beach which is now in the lake. I am paying taxes on land I no longer own – it’s in the lake
Pls. view the photos we sent. They clearly show the loss of probably 20+ feet of shoreline & sand beach over a period of about 30-35 years. This has been seen all over the lake.
When our children were small 50+ years ago they had a 40-50 ft beach to play on & the water gradually got deeper. When my grandchildren grew up they had no beach & they couldn’t even play in the water by themselfs because its 4 ft. deep when you get in the water now.
I was 75′ from cabin to waters edge. I am now @ 50′ with a 1.5 ft shoreline lip. (the dimensions are accurate)
Shoreline in 1962 – 200 feet Shoreline in 2017 – Less than zero
We have lost a nice sand beach. Our shoreline aeration system has kept us from having shore damage. Aquatic vegetation (seaweed) used to be 50′ from shore, now it is right up to shore.
a lot higher and waves roll up on to the grass
We have had property on the lake since the 1960’s, building our home in the early ’70’s. Our home was built 75+ feet from the lake with a full basement/boat house approximately 3 feet above lake level. The water depth was shallow for over 100 feet from shore with a sandy bottom and large gradual beach area. Now there is no beach, the bottom is rocks and the shoreline berm created by ice jacking is constantly eroded with waive action. We also had trees along the beach – all of which are gone.
We have lost 15′-20′ of shore due to high water and erosion, boat house is wrecked as is beach.
We used to have 4-5 ft of sand in front now it is 2 ft under water
I have been a resident for only three years (Nov 14) There are no markers that I observe to see a change in water levels except for summer increase/decrease due to precipitation
to dam high
Houses & cabins have been severly damaged, trees destroyed
We have lost 5′-8′ of sandy beach and 5′-6′ of bank. To ice jacking and collapse. We have lost 7 large trees due to ice jacking and bank collapse.
We have been here 5 years, we had 3 feet of sand beach. Now we have none & a retaining wall built in 1970’s has crumbled into the lake for a 10-12′ section. So we need to rebuild or rock what is left.
Last 3 yrs. ice jacking
Water level is consistently higher than it was 20 yrs ago when we bought the property
Water under cabin
Higher lake level every year since purchase in 2002. Have seen many weeds in lake, specifically floating weeds and jelly like mold in lake
Water level up
Loss of sandy beach! Lots of ice jacking
*loss of 8 feet shoreline at our property *extremely high water level in Cantleberry Bay with 3 trees down and docks covered by water *persistent shoreline sandbags and erosion on shoreline around lake *increase in number of floating bogs traveling from West to East to our shoreline
I have seen a loss of property, at least 10′ of shoreline. Ice jacking basically took our old cabin forcing us to rebuild west of Aztec Rd.