LSLID High Water Project





2021.10.13 Signed Order Authorizing LSLID Use of Ditch as Outlet CD41 Todd County woatt
2021.2.12 LSLID Outlet Route Map
2021.4.6 Summary of Houston Engineering and Administration Work - Task 3 revised
2021.4.6 Lake Shamineau_Task 2B_Review Memo
2021.1.20 High Water Project Information Sheet
2020.12.29 Task 2A summary of completion
2020.12.29 Updated Timeline for West Outlet Project
2020.12.29 Summary of Houston Engineering and Administration Work - Task 2B with memorandum
2020.9.9 Summary of Houston Engineering and Administration Work - Task 2A
An Online High-Water Project Informational Meeting was held Thursday, August 6, 2020. Here is a LINK to a ZOOM RECORDING of the MEETING. Slides presented at the meeting: 
And the complete report from Houston Engineering: Lake Shamineau HEI Concept Report -Final_ 8-7-2020
Lake Shamineau HEI Concept Report -Final_ 8-7-2020
2020.7.10 Stakeholder Communication Plan
2020.6.23 Summary of Houston Engineering and Administration Work
Withdrawal of EAW for Lake Shamineau High-Water Control Project
2020.5.31 Responses to EAW Comments
2020.4.10 EAW Comments
High Water Project Environmental Assessment Worksheet 2020-02-24  Written comments due 3/25/2020: EAW Notice Memo -contact corrected
WSN Project Progress Report Step 3 Invoice #1_
2020.1.22 Proposed High-water Project Utility Route Map
2020.1.17 Revised High-Water Project Schedule
2019.12.6 WSN Step 2 Report #62019.10 WSN Step 2 Invoice 4 2019.11.8 WSN Step 2 Report #5
Lake Shamineau High Water Project Step 2 Invoice #32019.9.27 Step 2 Lake Shamineau High Water Project WSN Update
2019.9.20 Revised Cost Estimate for Public Hearing
2019.7.25 WSN Progress Report-1 7-25-19


 2019.10.17 High Water Project Fact Sheet as of Oct Public Hearing
 2019.10.17 Ver 2 High Water Project Fact Sheet as of Oct Public Hearing
 2019.8 High Water Project Fact Sheet as of August 2019

Hearings & Public Meetings

There will be a High-water Outlet Informational Meeting that will be held via Zoom on August 5, 2021 at 6:00 p.m.  To sign up for the meeting, send an email to Fred Comb at to receive an invitation and instructions to join the meeting. 2021.8.5 Agenda for High Water Informational Meeting
The LSLID has requested from the Todd County Commissioners to use Ditch 41 as an outlet for the High-Water Outlet project. Todd County has set up an informational meeting for Ditch 41 landowners to provide information on the project to ne held Tuesday, June 1, 2021, 7pm at the Todd County Fairgrounds. See the meeting notice for information and how to attend virtually.  The purpose of the meeting is to inform these Ditch 41 landowners and to answer any questions that they may have. 2021.5.19 Notice for Todd County Informational Meeting on June 1

To see the entire outlet petition packet, scroll to page 31 on the Todd County page.

High-Water Project Informational Meeting that will be held online on Thursday, August 6, 2020 beginning at 6 PM. To receive a meeting invitation, send an email prior to the meeting date to Fred Comb at 2020-08-06 HEI Slides for LSLID Public Meeting

2020.8.6 LSLID Informational Meeting

2020.8.6 Agenda for LSLID High Water Informational Meeting FINAL

Public hearing  October 17, 2019, 6:30 pm at Lincoln Evangelical Free Church Minutes: 2019.10.17 Meeting Notes

2019.10.17 429 Resolution ordering Improvements and Final Plans-executed

Slides: 2019.10.17 LSLID Public Hearing

PowerPoint presentation from Oct. 17, 2019 Hearing: 2019.10.17 LSLID Public Hearing

2019.10.17 Ex A Notice of public hearing on improvements092619

Cost estimate: 2019.9.20 Revised Cost Estimate for Public Hearing

Letter to LSLID Property Owners: 2019.10.17 Letter Advising of Public Hearing

2019 LSLID Annual Meeting WSN High-water project LSLID Annual Meeting Presentation 8.24.2019


Project Team

2019.6.28 LSLID Project Team Minutes
2019.5.31 LSLID Project Team Meeting Notes
2019.5.10 LSLID High Water Project Team Meeting

Project Team Organized

A High Water Project Team has been formed to provide communication and feedback as the
LSLID moves through the LSLID approved High-Water Project. Team members will provide valuable input to the LSLID Board of Directors to enable them to make informed decisions on the project. The team is made up of representatives from Morrison County, Scandia Valley Township, Soil and Water, DNR (invited), Lake Shamineau property owners and LSLID Board members. The project team will work in support of the overall goal of the High-Water project to determine a solution to the high-water problem that is most feasible, cost-effective and timely, and will minimize ongoing maintenance and future operating costs.
Members include:
1. Cindy Kevern, LSLID Board Member, Meeting facilitator
2. Rick Rosar, LSLID Board Member
3. Commissioner LeMieur, Morrison County
4. Deb Gruber, Morrison County Administrator
5. Shannon Wettstein, Morrison County Soil and Water
6. Terry Sandstrom, Scandia Valley Township and Lake Shamineau Property Owner
7. Chuck Ross, Lake Shamineau Property Owner
8. Bob Ingle, Lake Shamineau Property Owner
9. Jim Dick, Lake Shamineau Property Owner
10. Ronald Carlson, Lake Shamineau Property Owner
11. Pam Carter, Lake Shamineau Commercial Property Owner
Other Invitees:
Amy Kowalski, Morrison County Land Services
Mark Anderson, DNR Hydrologist

Morrison County resolution for delegation of authority for financing: 2019.9.23 Delegating Authority

2019.8.1 WSN Gravity To Wetland with Force Main to Basins Assessment

2019.7.6 High Water Informational Meeting Agenda

2019.6.3 Final LSLID Eng Report – High Water Project