A report of the results for the 2020 Lake Shamineau High-Water Impact Survey can be viewed and downloaded HERE.

Lake levels on Shamineau have been consistently high since 2013, including a record high of 01-high-water-title1277.6 ft (7/10/06/2019).

Membership opinion surveys collected at the spring 2016 meeting indicated that the consistently high lake level is the most pressing concern that members are currently facing. A group of volunteers formed a water level committee to begin looking into causes and what can be done. The group met July 16 with DNR Area Hydrologist Kenneth Zeik and also invited him to share information at the fall membership meeting August 27th. Thorough study is needed before any action can take place. The expense of such a survey will be best covered by the LSLID with their assessed funds. The work of these Association volunteers should help the LSLID get started. Minutes of the committee’s meetings can be found here:

2016-10-22 Shamineau High Water Discussion V2

2017-01-17 Shamineau High Water Committee Meeting

The Lake Shamineau Lake Improvement District hired Houston Engineering to do a preliminary study of the high-water problem with possible solutions. That August 2017 summary report can be found HERE. A vote of LSLID members at the 2017 annual LID meeting passed a resolution to continue research into the possibilities.

Lake Levels

  • Last reading: 1278.2 ft (05/2020)
  • Ordinary High Water Level (OHWL): 1275.1 ft.
  • Highest recorded: 1277.6 ft. (10/06/2019)
  • Lowest recorded: 1270.55 ft. (09/06/1962)