Loons and Wildlife

Loon Nesting Platforms

At the Spring 2018 Lake Association Membership Meeting on May 26, loons and wildlife volunteers Dianne Schroepfer and Robert Russell spoke about providing loon nesting platforms as shoreline nesting sites are becoming more difficult for the birds to find with the rising lake level.

According to Russell and Schroepfer “Loon platforms require a serious effort and some woodworking or PVC working skills. Permits may be necessary and if located in the open water the platform may need reflectors and a permitted buoy. Two concrete blocks or boat anchors are required to hold the platform with at least 2 feet of slack for changing water levels, waves, etc. We will work with you in placing the platforms in suitable locations should you want to try building a platform for next year. If water levels go down (yes please!!) then platforms would be less necessary and natural sites would likely be utilized. Wooden platforms are very heavy and eventually get waterlogged so we recommend 4 or 5 inch PVC pipe.”

They suggest the following links for more information:

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