LSLID Hearing

April 3, 2018
 To:         Lake Shamineau Lake Improvement District Members
From:    Cindy Kevern
Secretary, Board of the Lake Shamineau Lake Improvement District (LSLID)


The Board of the Lake Shamineau Lake Improvement District (LSLID) voted on March 6, 2018 to receive the feasibility study from Houston Engineering and call for a Public Hearing regarding the 2018 Lake Shamineau Water Level Improvements.  Attached is Exhibit A  from the resolution, calling for a Public Hearing to be held

April 21st at 1:00 PM at the Lincoln Evangelical Free Church, 1354 320th St., Cushing MN 56443.  The doors will be open at 12:30 pm.

At the public hearing, such persons that desire to be heard with reference to the proposed improvements will be heard at this meeting.  Written and oral comments will be considered.

The Engineer’s Feasibility Report can be viewed on the LSLID website: .  The Engineer’s Report advises that it is expedient and necessary to construct improvements in order to maintain a more consistent water level.  These improvements are cost-effective, and feasible and should best be made as proposed. Full report in three parts:

Following is the agenda for the Public Hearing on April 21:

  1. Attendees will be asked to sign in at the hearing upon arrival.
  2. Call to Order (Chair, Bob Koll)
  3. Review of Engineer’s Feasibility Report (Houston Engineering)
  4. Review of Statutory 429 Process (Brad Person, Breen &Person LTD, Attorney)
  5. Estimated Timeline and Proposed Costs (LSLID Board)

Note:  Speakers will be asked to state their Name and Address prior to speaking.  They will be asked to make their comments in a concise and respectful manner and limit comments to the topic stated above. Three minutes will be available for each speaker.

  1. Close of Public Hearing


At a time after the Public Hearing, the Board of the Lake Shamineau Lake Improvement District (LSLID) will vote on whether to proceed with the improvements.  If the LSLID Board approves moving forward, a presentation will be made to the County Board to seek their approval to move forward with the improvements.


If you are unable to attend the hearing, you may submit written comments.  Please include your name, home address, lake address (if different) and comments regarding the improvements.  Please  send to Chair Bob Koll in a manner to be received no later than April 20, 2018.

Bob Koll, Chairman LSLID

3435 Pine View Blvd

Motley, MN 56466


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 Notice has also been provided in two publications of the official newspaper, the Morrison County Record, Little Falls.

AGENDA 2018-04-21