LSLID Hearing

Dear All,
Yes, we made progress with the Morrison County Commissioners yesterday, our second attempt, for our petition to modify our LID financing structure.  The county agrees to assess each parcel of a property owner and each “association” and deeded access lot a share.  Commercial property owners will be assessed a full share for each parcel and an additional 35%, of the residential fee, for each rental unit site and cabin.  Having more owners assessed will reduce the assessment amount for each parcel.
The hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, August 23rd, 7pm. in the Morrison County Government Center, Little Falls.  (213 SE 1st. Ave. LF, 56345)
We will need a good turnout of Shamineau Property Owners, especially the 86.4% Agreeing to and Strongly Agreeing to the recent SLA Survey Question #9.  Properties that generate more users (i.e. resorts and properties with multiple dwellings) should be assessed higher payments.
Bob Koll, Chair