November 27, 2019 2019.11.27 November LID Newsletter or 2019/11/27 LINK

For the latest on the High Water Project, go to the LSLID HIGH WATER PROJECT  page.

Next LSLID Meeting: Tuesday, December 10, 6pm online. 2019.12.10 Board Agenda

A revised LSLID E-Newsletter includes corrected emails to send messages for legislative help with flooding solutions: 2019.10.31 LINK

Three Twin Cities television news each broadcast reports on the flooding on Lake Shamineau during the week of October 22, 2019. Links to those broadcasts are below:

WCCO Oct. 22, 6 pm:

KSTP Oct. 23, 6 pm :

KMSP Oct. 24, 5 pm:

A public hearing for the High-Water Project is scheduled for October 17, 2019, 6:30 pm at Lincoln Evangelical Free Church  2019.10.17 Ex A Notice of public hearing on improvements092619  Revised Probable Cost estimate: 2019.9.20 Revised Cost Estimate for Public Hearing Letter to Property Owners: 2019.10.17 Letter Advising of Public Hearing

Report of the August 2019 Euarasian Water Milfoil survey can be viewed HERE

The LSLID annual report to Morrison County  is posted on  LSLID REPORTS & MINUTES page

Next LSLID Board Meeting will be September 22, 1:00 PM at Scandia Valley Town Hall. The agenda can be found on the LSLID Board Meeting & Agenda page.

High-water Project progress reports will be posted regularly on the High-Water Project page.

Links to copies of the Annual Meeting slide presentations, detailed vote tally, and treasurer’s report can be found on the Annual Meeting page as well as the Minutes.

2019.8.25 Special Edition email (2019 Annual Meeting vote tally)

2019.8.22 LSLID Newsletter

A public hearing to consider the petition to terminate the LSLID was held by Morrison County on August 9, 2019. When to County Board of Commissioners met on August 20, 2019, their vote was unanimous to deny the petition to terminate. The Morrison County Board also approved the revised Establishment Order for the LSLID.

2019.8.6 August LID E-Newsletter

The Annual Meeting of the Lake Improvement District will be held on

Saturday, August 24th at 9:30 AM  

at the Lincoln Evangelical Free Church.

Agenda for 2019.8.24 meeting

Each property owner has been mailed information regarding the meeting.  If the mailing was not received, send an email to

The mailing included:

The LSLID Board has sent a letter to the Morrison County Board of Commissioners regarding the petition to terminate the LID and a letter from Attorney  J. Brad Person regarding the petition. They can be viewed: 

2019.8.5 Response to Termination Petition  

2019.7.18 Breen and Person Letter

Go to the LSLID HIGH WATER PROJECT page for the latest information, including recently posted:     2019.8.1 WSN Gravity To Wetland with Force Main to Basins Assessment

There will be a Lake Improvement Board of Directors Meeting on Wednesday, July 24 at 10:00 AM CST. The Board Meeting will be conducted online; send an email to for an email invitation to join the meeting. See Online Board Meeting Process for instructions and the Agenda.

2019.6.27 special edition email

High Water Project Information Meeting Saturday, July 6, 9:30 am at Lincoln Evangelical Free Church. 2019.7.6 High Water Informational Meeting Agenda

Announcement for a public hearing – The Morrison County Board of Commissioners has called for a public hearing to discuss amending the orders of establishment for the Lake Shamineau Lake Improvement District. The hearing will be held Thursday, July 18, at 6:30 pm at the Lincoln Evangelical Free Church. LSLID Proposed Amendements (for ROI)(2) (2)

2019.6.14 E-Newsletter

For the latest news on the High Water Project, see the LSLID HIGH WATER PROJECT page including the 2019.5.31 LSLID Project Team Meeting Notes

On June 13, Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) did a story about rising lake levels in Minnesota, featuring Lake Shamineau. 2019.6.11 MPR Article Go to the MPR website to listen to the audio report: MPR click on “LISTEN Story Audio”

The Lake Shamineau Lake Improvement District has sent a letter in the mail to all LSLID property owners: 2019.6.15 Letter to Property Owners 

The purpose of this letter is to advise all Lake Shamineau Property Owners of the following:

  1. Nominations for two Board of Director seats are open. Instructions are in the letter for submitting nominations due by July 9, 2019.
  2. An update on recent LSLID activities.
  3. Announcement to property owners of a High-Water Project Informational Meeting Saturday, July 6, 2019, 9:30 AM at the Lincoln Evangelical Free Church.
  4. Information on the Annual Meeting, Saturday, August 24, 2019, 9:30 a.m. at the Lincoln Evangelical Free Church. The agenda and voting information will be sent in July.

Latest High Water Project Engineers Report: 2019.6.3 Final LSLID Eng Report – High Water Project

Board meeting on Monday, June 3rd at 10 AM at the Scandia Valley Town Hall.

On May 10, 2019, the high water project team met. Notes from the meeting:  2019.5.10 LSLID High Water Project Team Meeting

LSLID Board Meeting Sunday, May 26, 2:00 PM at Scandia Valley Town Hall.

See agenda at LSLID BOARD MEETING & AGENDAS page. Handout: 2019.5.24 High Water Project Fact Sheet

Morrison County has extended the comment period on the proposed revision of the Order of Establishment for the LSLID to May 17,

This is the thick mailing sent to Shamineau property owners. Here is a link to the original documents: LSOrdermailing from County 4.19

April 24 E-newsletter

Lake Improvement Board of Directors Meeting Scheduled

The Board Meeting will be held at the Scandia Valley Town Hall Friday, May 10, 1:00 PM. The agenda will be posted on this website prior to the meeting.

Board chooses engineering firm to investigate alternatives

At its 2019 March 22 meeting, the LSLID Board voted to enter an agreement with Widseth Smith Nolting to investigate alternatives for the High Water Mitigation Project. Minutes of the Board meeting can be viewed on the LSLID Reports and Minutes page

A copy of the agreement can be viewed here: 2019.4.22 SUMMARY OF WSN AGREEMENT

Morrison County proposes revisions to order establishing LSLID

Morrison County Board of Commissioners has declared intent to revise the order of establishing the Lake Shamineau Lake Improvement District. A mailing from them was sent to LSLID property owners with proposed changes and opportunity to comment. Here is a copy of the mailing: LSOrdermailing from County 4.19

Here is the LSLID response to the county: 2019.4..22 Response to Establishment Order

If you would like to be added to Lake Improvement District electronic newsletter subscriber list, send a text to 22828 with the message LAKESHAMINEAU or send an email to

HELP WANTED for AIS Ambassador program:  The Lake Improvement District is seeking 2 persons to work at boat landings for 14 hours per weekend on Lake Shamineau with the DNR Ambassador Program informing boaters about ‘Clean-Drain-Dry’ for Aquatic Invasive Species.  Applicants must be 18 or older; attend paid three hour training from DNR; submit background check form.  For more information call 218-296-2933 or 612-716-9510.

2019.3.12 LSLID letter to update the Morrison County Board

Lake Improvement Board of Directors Meeting

Grant awarded to Quad Lakes LID to battle AIS

Morrison County has the approved a grant request submitted by the Quad Lakes LID, a cooperative group comprised of the Lake Alexander, Fishtrap, Crookneck, and Shamineau lake improvement districts, for three projects to attack aquatic invasive species. The grant includes the following:

  • $15,678.00 for AIS vegetation survey
  • $15,250.00 for DNR Ambassador Program
  • $14,620 for AIS management

A copy of the award letter can be seen here: 2019.2.26 AIS Approved Grant 2019

Interviews of Engineering Firm Finalists with the Lake Improvement Board of Directors

Lake Shamineau Lake Improvement District has published its first electronic newsletter for property owners:

Morrison County adopted a flood control ordinance for Shamineau and Crookneck lakes December 11, 2018. 2018-12-11 Morrison Co Shamineau-Crookneck Flood Protection

2018 LSLID Financial Statement

Here is a January 2019 update for LSLID property owners: 2019 LSLID January update

The LSLID has announced a Request for Engineering Services (Request for Proposal-RFP) found HERE: 2019.1.9 Final RFP 1.9.19

Following are key dates related to this Request for Proposals:

  1. Deadline for Submitting Questions          January 21, 2019
  2. Proposal Due Date                                       February 15, 2019
  3. Vendor interviews                                        March 8 OR March 11
  4. Anticipated project start date                    April 5
  5. Estimated Step 1 Completion                     May 24 (no later than 6/30)
  6. Estimated Step 2 Completion                     July 12, 2019


Any questions should be submitted via e-mail no later than Monday, January 21 to: Cindy Kevern at

In October, a letter was sent to the property owners on record to update them on the business of the annual meeting and progress on the proposed high water mitigation project. Here is a copy: 2018.10.19 Letter to Property Owners

2019 LSLID Annual Meeting will be Saturday, August 24, 2019.

New LSLID Board meeting notes posted on the LID REPORTS & MINUTES page.

The LSLID 2018 Annual Meeting was held August 25, 2018. Here is the 2018.8.25 Agenda and the 2018.8.25 LSLID Proposed Budget 2019. Voting results: 2018.8.25 August 2018 Vote Tally Questions addressed can be clarified with this FAQ document: 2018.8.25 FAQ’s

Morrison County administered a survey to Lake Shamineau property owners in July 2018. Results can be found here:  Morrison County Lake Shamineau Property owner survey results 8.7.18

2018.7.20 LSLID

Proposed Budget 2019

2018.7.19 Proposed Project timeline and budget

2018 July LSLID Newsletter

Get proposed high water mitigation project information at the HIGH WATER MITIGATION PROJECT PROPOSAL page.

Results report of the 2018 Lake Shamineau Property Owners Demographics Survey can be found HERE.

Notice: Lake Shamineau Lake Improvement District 2018

Herbicides to be used for invasive milfoil treatment

The LSLID Board of Directors would like to inform property owners on Lake Shamineau that we have applied for a permit which will allow us to treat within 150 feet from shore for Eurasian water Milfoil, an invasive species.  One treatment is planned from June-August 2018. The method for control will be triclopyr or similar product as approved by the EPA and MDA as aquatic herbicides. This treatment will primarily occur in the southwest bay. We will do this in conjunction with mechanical hand pulling which will be primarily used in the northwest bay.

Shoreline property owners may request that herbicide control not occur adjacent to the landowners’ property within 150 of the shoreline. If you desire treatment not occur adjacent to your property, please provide your name, property address and notify the LSLID at the following address:

Bob Koll, LSLID

3435 Pine View Blvd

Motley, Mn 56466

Or email

Lake Shamineau Lake Improvement District (LSLID) hearing was held today (April 21) to hear public comments on proposal for high water mitigation plan. The LSLID Board voted to move forward by proceeding with the next step to present to the Morrison County Board of Commissioners.


LSLID FLYER – April 2018 link to informational publication.

New information posted on the LID Reports and Minutes page includes Notice of Public Hearing 4/21/2018, a copy of 2018-03-07_Flood_Damage_Reduction_Grant_Application, the complete Final Engineer’s Feasibility Report in three parts, and an legislative appeal letter to send to legislators requesting support for our grant.

As we go through our next steps with the engineering work, we will be issuing a number of resolutions from the LID Board. Here is the first of these resolutions: 2017-09-30 resolution ordering feasibility

Full Houston Engineering report on High-Water Mitigation with maps and graphs is now available on LID REPORTS & MINUTES page.

Reports from the August 11, 2017 information meeting about the 2018 LSLID Budget and Plan can be found on the LID REPORTS & MINUTES page.

There are three diver pulls of Eurasian Watermilfoil scheduled for 2017. If a property owner does NOT want this non-native invasive plant pulled adjacent to their property, they must submit a 2017 Milfoil Removal Waiver Request to opt out.

Minutes of the first annual LSLID Meeting are HERE.

One of the projects taken on by the LSLID has been the control of invasive species. The board was able to obtain a grant to fund a rake throw vegetation survey in 2016. The report can he found HERE.

Two pulling of invasive Eurasian Watermilfoil were done by divers in 2016, also. A report of the dives can be found HERE.