Morrison County adopted a flood control ordinance for Shamineau and Crookneck lakes December 11, 2018. 2018-12-11 Morrison Co Shamineau-Crookneck Flood Protection

The latest LSLID news can be found on the LSLID UPDATES & UPCOMING MEETINGS page.

2018 Fall newsletter here: 2018 Fall NEWSLETTER with LSLID supplement

New web page added for information on the proposed high water mitigation Fall 2018 .

Loon nesting platform information on the Loons & Wildlife page.

Results report of the 2018 Lake Shamineau Property Owners Demographics Survey can be found HERE.

The Spring 2018 Lake Newsletter can be found HERE.

Complete the Lake Shamineau Property Owners Demographics Survey on Google Docs:  Only one response per property. All submissions will remain ananymous. Online submissions will be automatically entered in the door prize drawing at the spring meeting May 26th.

Lake Shamineau Lake Improvement District (LSLID) hearing was held April 21 to hear public comments on proposal for high water mitigation plan. The LSLID Board voted to move forward by proceeding with the next step to present to the Morrison County Board of Commissioners.

The LSLID has posted an informational flyer: LSLID FLYER – April 2018.

A hearing has been scheduled and noticed for April 21, 2018 for public comment on 2018 Lake Shamineau Water Level Improvements. HEARING

Paid members of the Lake Shamineau Association can utilize the DNR issued 2018 Bog mitigation permit obtained by Al Doree.

Lake Improvement District Resolution passed 110 to 56 and the 2018 Budget was approved at 2017 annual meeting.

Information on proxy voting at the Aug. 26 LSLID Annual Meeting can be found on the LSLID ANNUAL MEETING page.

Reports from the August 11, 2017 information meeting about the 2018 LSLID Budget and Plan and the full engineering report can be found on the LID REPORTS & MINUTES page. 

A copy of the Power Point slides that Eric Altena, Area Fisheries Manager used for his presentation at the Spring 2017 meeting can be viewed here: DNR Fishing Report Shamineau_2017

A High-Water Study Kick-off Meeting will be held Friday, June 2, 12:30 PM at Pine Ridge Golf Club. Property owners, LSLID, and Lake Shamineau Association members are invited.

The Lake Shamineau Improvement District is planning three hand pulling sessions of invasive Eurasian watermillfoil June to August 2017. If a property owner does NOT want milfoil removed adjacent to their lakeshore property, they must submit a waiver request: 2017 Milfoil Removal Waiver Request

Welcome to new Lake Shamineau Association board member Don Kirchner!

Fall Membership Meeting followed by LSLID Annual Meeting will be held one week BEFORE Labor Day, Saturday, August 26, 2017.

Ice Out was April 4, 2017.

2017 Bog Removal Permit for Members.

Minutes from the first annual meeting of the LSLID can be read HERE.

Click to see the  Tabulation of the 2016 LSA Member Opinion Survey.

Adult Zebra Mussels confirmed in Fish Trap Lake

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