Describe the nature of the repair work you have done on your property.

Put rock on shoreline to stop erosion.
Repair of retaining wall, repair of concrete patio, flood damage to rear buildings
Added dock sections as there is now a steep drop to the water. Cabin foundation is sinking, but we haven’t yet invested in a repair.
We had to rebuild. We had to replace a holding tank with a new spectic system and a well. We had extensive costs to build a buffer to meet county requirements.
Shoreline repair, and still 8 inches of water in existing boathouse. Our boathouse did not have water in it for nearly 20 years and now it has consistently had 6-8 inches of water the last 5 years. This water is destroying the building and will soon be in need of great repair.
Minor Shoreline repair each spring and landscaping to prevent further erosion
fixed yard after ice jacking. added riprap for shoreline erosion
We had a boathouse along the shore that was destroyed due to high water levels and ice in the winter.
Repaired rip rap and releveled shoreline in 2016. Installed water filter in cabin. replaced dock sections that were washed away because of high water level.
For Landscaping hired a tractor for repair. For the dock I had to replace too sections. For the boat house ice jacking I had to lower the front of the boat house 6 inches so that it would align to the back half.
Rip wrapped shoreline twice in 17 years. Lost trees. Have had to landscape yard by the lake repeatedly due to the heaving that occurs now annually.
Many hours of manual labor and redoing the shoreline from heaving.
Boat house issues, and shore line erosion repairs are majority
Moved lawn and garden irrigation pump and foundation back 15′. May need to do it again, soon. Sandbagged around oak , birch and maple trees near shoreline to attempt to save. Lots of individual, family and neighbor labor to restore shoreline after ice melt. Needed to replace our septic system to a sealed tank at a higher elevation.
An aeration (bubbler) system was used last year for the first time. A permit must be applied for at a yearly cost of $250. Increased electric costs to run the bubbler for the winter amounted to bills over $70 per month. In addition, the system had to be monitored weekly. This amounted to over 20 trips to maintain regular surveillance over the system. We have a seasonal cabin and do not use it in the winter. The aeriation system was used as an alternative to yearly ice jacking repair which has been totaling at least $350 per year.
Footings have been damaged, shore land has 4′ ridge last few years, dock bent from raise in shore from ice jacking, more frost in soil have caused cooler and heat loss causing well to freeze and septic line frost. All above have been repaired in past few years
I had to replace the dock and have riprap put in.
More shoreline rock added, new grating of shoreline, tree removal, addition of grass seed/sod, additional sump pumps added due to trepetitive and extensive flooding of the basement .
Added riprap. Repairing lift and stair landings due to icejacking.
Twice installed coir logs in the last 3 years to stabilize bank, provide a wave break and slow erosion. Planted native plants to stabilize bank and slow erosion.
Rip rap
Shoreline repair for $5k which included bringing in soil and rip rap. The following year it was destroyed and we had to re-repair the shoreline at a cost of $3k.
Shoreline repair, tree removal, landscaping, aeration, continuous floating junk removal. This is an ongoing process. It never ends. The water just keeps rising!
Old cabin had to be rebuilt
Every year we lose 1 feet of shore land due to erosion
We had to rebuild our cabin due to icejacking. We had to sand bag our shoreline due to the water level.
Always repairing dock and ice erosion damage
Typically the repair has been to the shoreline to address the ice jacking most years. At this time, our boathouse has been damaged be on repair and we will be looking to replace that soon with a smaller footprint.
Hired riprap 12 plus years ago. Have done minor repair on that to allow a section of shoreline to pull out dock and lift. Now I can’t do that and have to pay someone to lift dock and lift in and out of lake during the startup and shutdown.. Very expensive.
We have reset our rip rap 4 times due to this $3-4,000 each time. our beach has been re-landscaped each of these times. Last year we talked with a contractor to put in a Aeration system but due to permitting timing (how long it took to get a permit) and certain other delays the system could not be put in in time to meet the winter. Also two years ago the foundation of a structure was damaged due to the same issues.
We are in the process of having rip/rap installed with approx 10 dead trees removed in addition to the 10 we have already removed.
Replanted some trees
I have installed Rip Rap on part of my shoreline. I am in the process of replacing a storage house/boathouse who’s foundation was destroyed do to ice jacking
Had rocks put on the shoreline to keep whatever beach I have left. I had to repair sections of my dock over the past 3 years and have now just replaced it with new. Loss of trees that I have not tried to replace yet.
Had to put rock on shoreline
Placed large rocks alone shore, re-sodded the area
Repair shoreline , rebuild boat house
Rebuilt boathouse, dock damaged, shoreline rip-rap 3x
Boathouse is unusable due to high water and waiting to to see if it is repairable, if water level drops. Replaced sidewalk
Added rock to the shoreline
Rip rap and landscaping to repair the shoreline
We have tried to riprap our shoreline to stop erosion and we tried to backfill against the rocks and were stopped from further protective actions by the Morrison County Planning & Zoning Dept. (Long story). We had to cut fallen and dead trees, leaving unsightly stumps. Our fish house had to be dismantled and removed. Walkway pavers had to be removed and eventually relocated.
Landscaping timbers, boulders to protect the lakeshore cabin, sandbags, drainage pipes, cement repair to cabin foundation. Damage to deck by ice jacking, replace decking and railings. Damage to screened porch stairs and support footings needed to be replaced.
Rebuilt basement with new footings and new walls inside and out. Beand new retaining wall. Lots of demolition.
riprap and rock on the shoreline and new dock pieces for both docks
the 15,000.00+ already spent doesn’t even count toward the thousands we have left to do. Partial new Basement, partial new basement floor, partial new siding, new door, new window, 3 new patio doors are completed and numerous damages to be fixed inside the lake home are yet to come. Insurance company said $100,000.00 damages, which by the way…..Insurance will not cover any of these damages, they consider it earth movement, checked with different insurance companies and they all said the same thing no coverage, earth movement. Now have to run a aerator in the winter to prevent further damage to shore and home along with flood insurance which are all added expenses. Not much spent on shoreline or landscaping because we have non left.
Ice jacking caused damage to our foundation, requiring a complete rebuild of the east wall. We pay electricity for an aeration system annually to prevent ice jacking. We have had to add large rocks to our shoreline twice to keep the lake from further eroding the land in front of our cabin. Our dock has been raised as high as it can go, but 3 sections have had to be rebuilt due to water sloshing onto the dock.
The icejacking has pushed out are landscape bushes
added riprap on shoreline, repaired ice jacking mounds, repaired sidewalk
We have had to purchase new docks, have ripwrapped twice, have done landscaping to hold the soil in place and will install an aeration system this year.
replaced stairs destroyed by ice jacking and addt’l rock to prevent further erosion
I had to have our rip/rap repaired. The icejacking the last couple of years had ruined the existing rip/rap. I had repaired last year and then we had to work on it for a couple of hours again this spring because high water caused it again.
Cabin foundation has been replaced multiple times. Walk out basement has been totally filled in with sand. Boulder riprap has been installed to help protect remaining shoreline. Lake aeration has been installed to help reduce damage from ice, freezing and ice jacking in winter. Countless trees have come and gone.
New Dock
I have had to have the shoreline rip rap rock redone twice in the last 3 years. I have also brought in more rip rap rock and fill to try and help with erosion and minimize standing water in my yard,
Rock wall put in twice to prevent erosion and stairs had to be fixed and replaced due to ice jacking.
Mostly shoreline repairs, prior to this last cycle od high water. Our shoreline desperately needs repair now, but high water makes work impossible to do and just wrecks whatever we do.
We will be hiring someone to do the shoreline repair from this past winter’s icejacking; the bid is approximately $3400. We started the process for an aeration system last fall and obtained our permits, but due to the DNR’s changing opinion about the equipment they allow we weren’t able use our system. We will have an aeration system in place for next winter and expect the costs to be about $1000. We have spent about $1000 to fill our crawl space with sand due to the rising water level.
We haven’t spent any money on shoreline repairs related to high water.
We have had no repair work due to higher water levels.
Rock build up of shore line to prevent erosion of shoreline rebuild boat house damage from icejacking install aeration system to protect from ice jacking
rip rap to prevent further erosion
shoreline repair due to ice heaves on the west end (we only aerate 300′ of our shoreline.) We had to remove the wooden wall damaged by the ice heaves and replace it with rocks. The rest of the wall is being undermined by the waves and has started to tip. 2 of our cabins have water up to their decks. Property on the East side/peninsula that makes up the East side of the bay has very few trees left and the cattails are being ripped out by the high water.
Rip rap & rock hauled in on two different occasions-around 1990 and 2016
Restoring the shoreline due to ice jacking and wind/wave erosion.
Sandbagging to halt erosion. Added 75 ft of rip rap to shoreline. Planting shoreline folliage with native plants to hold shoreline. Yearly repositioning blocks on shoreline and replanting grass, and repositioning landscape timbers. Also loss of trees on front of property.
Have my shoreline built up with a rock wall approx 3 ft high and 2 lot width
Twice have had to have shoreline excavated & large boulders brought in. This year – Peter, Cindy & 2 sons pulled back dirt island, pulled out rip rap, removed & dug out huge boulders, replaced rip rap, re-set boulders & smoothed out dirt island. Next winter will aerate!!!
Multiple times we have had to add more rocks. Re-sodded lawn (3X). Rep[lace trees due to high water.
Rip rap on shoreline
We had to add a lot of rocks to protect from wave action had to hire a bobcat
We have raised our basement which served as a shop and boat house 2 feet to alleviate standing water in the basement, put in gravel so we can walk in the basement without walking through water. the basement is now a storage area rather than living space. Our basement was also our boathouse but there is no longer headroom to allow the boat storage so we have to rent storage space and the basement no longer serves as a shop as an adult can no longer stand without hitting his/her head. The off peak heater and other personal property were destroyed when the lake level raised. We use a sump pump to keep the basement foundation and retaining walls/landscaping from further damage. Hundreds of sand bags were put along shore to try to stabilize the shore from wave action. Deck posts have needed to be replaced due to ice jacking.
Tried to save boathouse, casn’t do much until water recedes
Cabin foundation redone, rebuilt front wall of cabin. Repaired shoreline with rock.
Leveling \the latye winter ice-caused sand dunes by hand
Water at one time years ago was 40 ft from boat house when I tore it down it was 10 ft under boat house. Lost 2 trees
rip rap rocks, tree removal, mold, foundation structure damage, sidewalks, pavers, electrical problems. This is just some of them I already know about. Rat & beaver damage.
Had to install holding tank Driveway repair Repair shoreline just enough to get dock in & out
Rocks to keep shore line
Rocking, resloping, reseeding, and repairing the steps.
Adding rock to lake & backfill
Still need to repair or replace dock. Hours to shovel ice jack
We redid the entire shoreline & rip rap 3 yrs ago -a lot of dmg due mostly to ice jacking & erosion. Had to replant a lot of grass also.
Cabin got pushed off it’s foundation Needed to raise up and place back
Boulders brought in TWICE to rebuild/preserve shore line Ice heave resulted in shore line landscaping. Ice heave caused boat house destruction and lifted roots of trees along shore line.
Basement is flooded! Hard to work on with water level’s so high!! Same with the landscape! Footing & basement wall pushed in. (Ice jacking) [arrow tp House or Cabin repair] Lost?
*removal/relocation of bogs *re-contouring of shoreline and beach from ice jacking damage *relocation of sidewalk blocks on path to shore and boat ramp for water access *roots of several trees disturbed causing roof & fascia damage
Basically we raised our old cabin on the eastside (lakeshore) of Aztec to the westside of Aztec Rd. We built in 2006 a new lake home, now we’re constantly pumping water to the swamp, our sump pump is running often.