Shoreland Preservation and Restoration

Preservation and restoration of natural shoreland is essential to maintaining a healthy lake. Shorelands are naturally full of a rich diversity of life: plants, animals, and microorganisms, including humans. The Lake Shamineau Association has made education on shoreland issues a high priority goal.

Grant program for shoreland improvement

In 2012 and 2013, the Lake Shamineau Association obtained a matching fund grant of $5,000 from the Central Minnesota Initiative Foundation to be used for shoreland restoration improvement projects to benefit water quality. The Association contributed up to $5,000 and members awarded project funds will contribute up to $5,000 which could be in-kind donations and volunteer labor in lieu of cash.

Lake Shamineau Shoreline Assesment

In 2007, Morrison County is a shoreland assesment of Lake Shamineau. Click Morrison_final_report to view the report.

Buffer zone

Creation of a buffer zone is the essence of the lakescaping concept. It is an opportunity to balance our needs and priorities with the needs and priorities of those with whom we share life at the edge of the water.

Lakescaping and shoreland restoration can return many desirable features to your shoreline:

  • Provide habitat for a wide variety of wildlife
  • Filter out pollutants and runoff that degrade water quality
  • Prevent shoreline erosion by absorbing wave action
  • Enjoy abundant nature: flowers, shrubs, trees, aquatic plants, fish, insects, birds
  • More leisure time to relax and enjoy the nature of life at the lakeshore


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