History of the Lake Shamineau Association

The Lake Shamineau Association was reorganized in the spring of 2001.  In 2003 there were about 100 members, about a third of all property owners on the lake.  In spring 2006 there were 172 members, representing approximately 40% of lakeshore properties. In Spring 2011 there were 223 members – 72% of property owners.

In 2009, the Association was granted nonprofit status.

A revised 2011 Lake Shamineau Management Plan was adopted in 2011.

The association contracted for water quality testing by Aqua Tech through 2006 and has been contracting with RMB Labs since 2007.  Benchmark data has been obtained that will help to monitor changes in the lake’s water quality.

Lake Name

An historical account of the name of Lake Shamineau comes from the book  Minnesota Place Names: A Geographical Encyclopedia, Third Edition, by Warren Upham, Minnesota Historical Society Press 200, p. 383:

 “Near the northwest corner of the county, Scandia Valley Township has a fine group of lakes, beautiful for their hilly and wooded shores, numerous points, bays, and islands, and abounding in fish and waterfowl. Lake Alexander, the largest of this group, named before 1860 for Capt. (and later Maj.) Thomas L. Alexander, stationed at Fort Ripley, has Crow, Potato, and High Islands. It outflows to Fish Trap Lake and thence by Fish Trap Brook to the Long Prairie and Crow Wing Rivers. Shamano Lake, about two miles farther north, has this spelling on the map of Minnesota in 1860, derived, according to Gilfillan*, “from an old Indian named Shamanons, who lived there long ago,” but on the most recent maps it is spelled Shamineau, a French form of this Ojibwa name.”

*Nineteenth Century Minnesota historian Charles D. Gilfillan

Lake Shamineau Association Board of Directors

The Lake Shamineau Board of Directors started with a group of willing volunteers in 2001. A system for electing members was established with the adoption of bylaws in 2003. Currently, board members are elected for 3-year terms. An historic listing of all past and present board members can be viewed HERE.

Lake Shamineau Improvement District

The Lake Improvement District was formed in 2016, initially in response to the rising cost of aquatic invasive species (AIS) mitigation.