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Welcome to the Lake Volney Association Website.


If you have questions contact the LVA Board of Directors:
at e-mail:  Suzanne B.  at volneyassociation@gmail.com                                                                                                         
or mailing mailing address: Lake Volney Association P.O. Box 132 Le Center MN 56057
Mission statement:
The Lake Volney Association is working to engage people in protecting
and improving the water quality and natural systems of Lake Volney  and
its watershed  in Le Sueur County.   
link to Lake Volney TMDL study / l
ake management plan:
Spring 2015:MPCA celebrates citizen work to preserve Minnesota lakes.
Lake Volney Association recognized by MPCA.                                           link:  http://envnewsbits.info/2015/04/22/mpca-celebrates-citizen-work-to-preserve-minnesota-lakes/
We are also working to:
  • prevent invasive species
  • habitat restoration
  • shoreline restoration / stabilization
  • reduce carp, increase game fish population
  • History:  Lake Volney was a pristine lake in the 1970’s.  Used for swimming lessons and Le Sueur County swimming beach.  Development, changes in the watershed, and carp infestation caused the lake water to deteriorate and it was placed on the MPCA impaired list of lakes.  Lake Volney Association established 1984, MPCA, DNR, Le Sueur County conducted studies on the lake and watershed.  Lake Volney Association hired carp seiners starting in 1998.  Shoreline buffers projects, creation of a good website for LVA members, lake area residents provided information about lake stewardship, several Le Sueur County and LVA projects.  MPCA and EPA has approved the TMDL for Volney. ( total daily maximum loan) (how much phosphorous can be in or entering Volney for it to be safe for swimming and fishing).  The Lake Volney Water quality has been improved but still a ways to go.
  • Lake Volney Association has won awards, has 95% of lake shore residents as dues paying members, and has been doing what a successful Lake Association should be doing to achieve lake stewardship.  This does not mean the lake has been restored, or is off the MPCA list of excess nutrients impaired waters.  A lot more work needs to be done.  The TMDL study is the best resource for understanding this process.
  • The TMDL requires improvements in the lake and in the watershed so that Lake Volney can be taken off the impaired list.  The timeline and funding sources are uncertain.
  • Link to Lake Volney TMDL (Total maximum daily load study / plan)
  • http://www.pca.state.mn.us/index.php/view-document.html?gid=21457
The Lake Volney Association is a non-profit 501 c 3 tax exempt organization
consisting of citizens who own lakeshore property or property in the
Lake Volney watershed, use the public beach, go boating, fishing,
or water sports at Lake Volney.  You don’t have to own lakeshore property to be a member.
We welcome you to join our cause.
News:  On January 1st 2015 Lake Volney Association became a dues paying member of Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates.  Their informative website is :  www.mnlakesandrivers.org
LVA is a member of:  Conservation Minnesota. (LVA’s website is hosted by this organization) website: www.conservationminnesota.org
In 2011 the Minnesota Waters organization chose  Lake Volney Assocation as
Lake Association of the year in Minnesota.  LVA received a $1,000.00 grant with this award.
Environmental Services Department Le Sueur County 
Office:  507-357-8540 Fax: 507-357-8541

Mailing Address Le Sueur County Environmental Services 88 South Park Ave Le Center, MN 56057

Link to blue thumb lake shore stabilization website:  http://www.bluethumb.org/
DNR website link, enter Volney for information: http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/lakefind/index.html

 link to blue thumb (information about shoreline stabilization:  http://www.bluethumb.org/ Carp Learn about carp in this video by Peter Sorenson of the U of M.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ujO6TGHcGc&feature=youtu.be