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Boat landing improvement news.  6/18/12: http://www.southernminn.com/le_center_leader/news/local/article_a9a1a03c-857b-578c-bb4d-37b0d84101e4.html  

Lake Association of the Year :  Lake Volney Association is the 2011 winner.

 Introduced in 2005, this award is given to a lake association for their plans, actions andLake Association of the year nomination for Lake Volney Assn.:

accomplishments to protect and improve the quality of their lake. Awardees receive $1,000.00 for their programs, two tickets to River Night on Wednesday Sept. 14th 2011 on Lake Minnetonka, an award plaque, and a photograph taken with Minnesota Waters staff and the award sponsor.

 Congratulations to all members of the Lake Volney Association.

We have worked hard on water quality improvement since 1984 with the County, DNR, MPCA, CRWP, Mn. State University, Soil And Water Conversation District, the Lake Detective Steve McComas, and others.

It is very nice to be recognized for our efforts and receive this very highly valued award.  Thank you Minnesota Waters Staff and Board of Directors.  Lake Volney Assoication Board of Directors and members.

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below is a copy of the nomination of Lake Volney Association for Minnesota Waters Lake Assn. of the year.

ake Association of the Year Nomination:


  Awardees will be recognized at a special presentation during Minnesota Waters annual 





The award will be given to a group who has demonstrated:



Strong involvement of their membership


Partnerships with local and state government and/or natural resource agencies

Nomination Instructions:


To nominate a lake association for this award, please prepare a written document describing how the

association has met the above criteria. The document should be no more than 3 pages long. Please be sure

to include the name and contact information for the person submitting the nomination, the name of the

Lake Association being nominated, and the name and contact information for a representative of the

nominated association.


The nomination document should be emailed to


info@minnesotawaters.org, or mailed to

Minnesota Waters, 720 West St. Germain St., Suite 143, St. Cloud, MN 56301

Nomination deadline: May 13, 2011


Lake Volney Association
Address:  P.O. Box ____Le Center MN
e-mail: __________________________

 Contact person: Suzanne B.

Established 1984.  Located in Le Sueur County.
Website : minnesotawaters.org/lakevolney/

Mission Statement: to engage people in protecting and improving the water quality and natural systems of Lake Volney and its Watershed.

Goal: better water quality for swimming, fishing, and water sports.

1. Successful outcomes of their lake management project:

The Lake Volney Association hired carp seiners and removed 100,000 pounds of carp and big mouth buffalo from Lake Volney.
Improved readings from secci disk reading.  Average water clarity reading depths: 3.5 feet in 1981 to 2009 12.6 feet.  Indications of progress by Lake Volney Association from the MPCA website:
These readings are from June till September.
1981 average 3.5 feet,
1989 average 5.2 feet
1998 average 5.52 feet
2005 average 6.83 feet`
2009 average 12.67 feet

In partnership with Le Sueur County LVA hired A. W. Research Labs to do a flyover analysis of Lake Volney’s watershed.
Obtained porta potty for from DNR for public beach, boat landing.
Purchased a volleyball net for the public beach.
The LVA board requested and worked with the County, DNR, and MPCA to replace 2 outlet creek culverts in the past two years.
In partnership with the DNR and Le Sueur County the LVA completed two shoreline restoration / stabilization buffers at the County public beach.
Hired a contractor to dredge the outlet creek.
Requested and received walleye stocking from the DNR.
Currently working with the DNR on a rearing pond for Northern Pike Stocking.

2. Successful education and outreach:

The LVA has a  website through Minnesota Waters with wide ranging topics.  It includes a great amount of information, educational materials with photos, lake history, board minutes, meeting dates, and topics about Lake / watershed / fishery stewardship .
The LVA sends a monthly e-mail provides news and information to its members.
Quarterly meetings are held by the Board of Directors and members are invited.
Annual LVA meetings are held in May.
Purchased for its members 40 dvd’s from Minnesota Waters titled Minnesota’s Lakes at risk.
Lake Volney has for its members:  tee shirts with the name Lake Volney Association, its website, and a photo of the lake.  Also an insulated mug with a closing top with the Name Lake Volney Association and website.
Rain garden and lake shore improvement classes have been requested and provide by Le Sueur County.

3. Strong involvement of their membership:

Membership is 35 of 45 lake shore owners.  Approx. 80%.
2 members not owning lake shore property are members.
LVA obtained 501 c 3 tax exempt status in 1998.
One of our board members has been doing secci disk reading for the MPCA.
A good number of lake shore owners have restored / stabilized their  shoreline.  Some have completed rain gardens.  Some have upgraded their septic systems.
Annual around the lake cleanup has been done in April for the last 12 years.
LVA has sent a representative to the Minnesota Waters Conference in spring of 2009 and 2011.

4. Partnerships with local and state government and / or natural resource agencies:

Partners:  Le Sueur County, DNR, MPCA, U of M, MPCA, Cannon RiverWatershed Partnership, Minnesota Waters, and Tri County Cola.
LVA is a member of Minnesota Waters, Cannon River Watershed Partnership, and Tri County Cola.
A TMDL study is in progress for Lake Volney.
LVA is currently working with Le Sueur County the University of Minnesota to negotiate with adjacent land owners to restore wet lands to filter incoming runoff to the lake.
In 1995 LVA with Le Sueur County applied for and received a Clean Watershed Partnership grant from the State of Minnesota.  This grant was used for buffers, bmp’s, settling ponds, culvets, outlet stabilization, public beach improvements, and hiring of Steve McComas the Lake Detective.


Successful education and outreach

Successful outcomes of their lake management project(s)