A-Z about Lake Volney Association

background / mission


Address P.O. Box 132 Le Center MN 56057

e-mail for the Board of Directors:   volneyassociation@gmail.com

was Established 1984

is a Tax Exempt organization 501 c 3 since 1998.

is a member of:  Conservation Minnesota (LVA’s website is hosted by this organization) website: www.conservationmn.org

is a member of Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates.  website: www.mnlakesandrivers.org

is a member of the Tri County Coalition of Lake Associations (COLA)

is part of a Clean Water Partnership with Le Sueur County, DNR, and the MPCA.

the Lake Volney Assn. mission is to improve the water quality for fishing, swimming, watersking, jetskiing, scuba diving, windsurfing, increase desirable acquatic plants, shoreline stabilization at Lake Volney. to provide information and educational materials to the the Lake Associaton members.

Lake Volney is 6 miles east of Le Center and 6 miles southwest of Montgomery.  Take Hwy 99 to Hwy 164 south.  The lake is 283 acres, 65 feet deep, with a boat landing and a swimming beach / county park on the south east side.

 What is a Lake Association?

People who live on lakes have some advantages not available to other citizens. They also have some unique stewardship responsibilities which may be difficult for them to deal with as individuals. Sharing and meeting with others with common interests can both stimulate problem solving and provide solutions that may not be otherwise available.


A lake association may help you and your neighbors in many ways to:


Develop a partnership with your lake neighbors

Gain awareness of your neighbors’ lake interests

Develop a communications network for sharing lake news

Raise awareness of lake issues in the community

Launch fund raising events and apply for grants

Develop a wise, long range lake management plan

Gain strength in numbers. The group’s opinions and needs can be constructively represented in dealing with government officials and agencies

Gather information and present educational programs for your membership and other lake users living within the community

Conduct data collection on a broad range of lake concerns (water quality, real estate developments, lake use conflicts)

Gain a historical perspective from longtime residents

Typical Projects for Lake Associations

Establish contracts for aquatic plant removal and/or rough fish removal

Form groups for monitoring water quality

Develop long range lake management plans

Develop plans and negotiate with government entities for funding weed control and water quality projects

Conduct educational programs relating to both the effect of and possible sources of plant nutrient loading of the lake watershed