Achievements by lva

1984 Lake Volney Association is established.

Work with County, DNR, and MPCA begins.

MPCA begins a scientific study of Lake Volney and its watershed.

1995 Lake Volney is awarded a Clean Water Partnership Grant byt the State of Minnesota (MPCA).  Le Sueur County adminsters this grant to make improvements in the watershed that will improve water quality.

Lake Volney Association has done the following:

Water clarity / quality has been improved.  Based on secci disk reading on the MPCA website the water has been improved by the following.   In1 981 it was 3.5 feet.  In 2009 it was 12.67 feet.  Aug -Sept. 2011 20 feet. (good improvement) The secci dist is droped down in the lake during the summer months.  A volunteer takes a reading as to how clear the water is and files a report.

Requested that Le Sueur County to hire the Lake Detective Steve McComas to work on water quality improvements.

Directed the County as the the priority projects in the watershed.  Better pracitces in the watershed were implemented such as stream and ditch natural vegistration filters / buffers to filter phosphorous out of runoff water.

Received an operation roundup grant from Mn. Valley Electric for carp seining.

Hired a contractor to dredge the outlet creek.

Improved the carp gate in the outlet creek. Special thanks to(Mike & Sherry S.)

Hired Waste Mgmt. for trash service at public beach 2002-2005.

One of our members takes secci disk water clarity readings in the summer for the MPCA.

Two shoreline buffer restoration / stabilization projects at the public beach working with the County and DNR.

Requested and obtained porta potty for from DNR for public beach / boat landing.

Requested and received walleye stocking from the DNR.  link to stocking record.

Purchased volleyball net for public beach.

Created a website through Minnesota Waters with valuable information for LVA members about how they can help improve the water quality.

Obtained the e-mail addresses of members.  Forwarded Minnesota Waters e-newletter to members each month.

Applied for and received tax exempt status from the IRS 1998.

Became a member of Tri County Coalition of Lake Associations, Minnesota Waters, and Cannon River Watershed Partnership.

Lake Volney Assn. numerous times hired a carp seiner, about 135,000 pounds of carp and big mouth buffalo removed.  Rough fish are not good for the lake.  They stir up sediement (phorphorous) on the bottom creating more algae and destroy native plants / game fish habitat.  Removing carp is an in lake process to get better water quality.

Each spring since 1998 organized a cleanup event around the lake.

Encouraged lake shore owners to create natural buffers on their lake shore.  Many have done this.  Also encouraged them to used none or less lawn fertilizer and maintain their septic system.  Six residents have created rain gardens on their property.

Worked with the DNR and County to replace 2 road culverts  at the outlet creek.

Worked with the County to create two inlet holding ponds on the nw side of the lake.

Board members attended many meetings with County, DNR, Cannon River Watershed Partnership and MPCA.

Working with MCPA, EPA, and County to complete a TMDL study.  This study analysis indicates how much phosphorous is coming into the lake and how much is on the lake bottom.  It indicates how much reduction in phosphorous is needed.  Once the plan is approve implementation will occur.

Purchased 40 dvd’s for members from Minnesota Waters titled Minnesota’s Lakes at Risk.  This dvd provided information about shoreline restoration and 15 foot natural buffers that filter the runoff.

Quarterly board meetings and annual meeting with door prizes were held.

Hired A. W. Research Labs to do a flyover analysis of Lake Volney’s watershed and lake shore properties.

Encouraged residents to improve their septic system if flyover analysis indicated a deficientcy.

We have 40 members of Lake Volney Assn. in 2011.  This is approx 95% of the lake shore residents.

Created a guide to Lake Volney Association booklet.

We sent a representative of our Board of Directors to the Minnesota Waters bi-annual Conference.  This conference in 2009 was in Rochester, 2011 in St Cloud, and 2014 in Brainerd.  This provided up with education, information, strategies, programs, contact,  and processes to achieve better water quality.

Nominated and won Lake Association of the Year 2011.  This award is presented by Minnesota Waters.  Minnesota has 688 Lake Associations / groups.  Attended awards night Sept. 14, 2011 at the Bayview Event Center on Lake Minnetonka.

Currently working towards the Star Lake award.  

Received a grant from the Schmitt Foundation to restore acquatic plants to Lake Volney.

Lake Volney Association was featured by the North American Lake Management Society in its Lakeline Magazine in June 2014.