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The Lake Volney Association  invites you to become a member of our Lake Association.

Most of the members of LVA own lakeshore property but ou do not have to own property on the lake or in the watershed to become a member.  Perhaps you use the Le Sueur County swimming beach at Volney, go fishing, or enjoy watersports, and want to become part of the lake restoration / water quality improvement project.  We are a 501 c 3 tax exempt organization.  Your dues are tax deductible as a donation to charity on schdule A of your federal tax return.

Benefits of Lake Volney Association Membership:

Better lake water quality for:  swimming, going to the Volney public beach, water sports & improved fishing,The lva website and regular updates. 

 Lake Volney Association e-newsletter with updates about, County, State and

Federal water clarity / quality improvement projects, an informative website.

You will be part of a great organization, helping to restore and preserve Lake

Volney and watershed area for current & future generations.

The LVA Treasurer will provide to you anannual finanacial report.

Lake Volney Association Website:

Learn more about how you, your family and friends can help to preserve

and improve Lake Volney’s water quality.

dues are used for:

Lake Volney Association pays dues and is a member of Conservation Minnesota, Cannon River Watershed Partnership ( and Tri County Coalition of Lake Associations.

annual meeting and breakfast, a Lake Volney Association website through Conservation Minnesota, office supplies, postage, educational materials, carp seining by a commercial fisherman, costs to Lake Volney Assn. for project costs for the Clean Water Partnership with the County and the State, volleyball net for the public beach, promotional items like mugs, tee shirts, dredging of outlet creek, supplies for annual cleanup day

New members are welcome.

Yes, ___I want to help the Lake Volney Association protect & improve lake Volney and its watershed.

Please send a check for tax deductible annual dues payable to:

Lake Volney Association. Address: P.O. Box # 132 Le Center MN 56057

LVA e-mail:

We will send you regular updates, dates of Board meetings, annual meeting,


Membership level : ___$35.00 Basic (Bronze) ___$50.00 Silver ___$90.00 Gold

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 Mailing address:__________________________________________________________

Questions /Comments:_____________________________________________________

print and detach here and send to address above with check.