Carp Problem

Carp are a big problem, they stir up phosphorous on the lake bottom

that adds to the green water and algae problem. 

Carp destroy the native and desirable aquatic plants and habitat for desirable fish.

They over populate and can overtake and out number the game fish.


Carp can live up to 60 years and get as big a 50 pounds



Carp fishing tips:

Catching and removing carp will help to improve the water quality and fishing habitat for game fish.

Suggested hook to use: A light wire number 4 aberdeen hook
Bait: 5-6 kernals of canned corn frozen
Line: 6 pound test line
Depth: fish on or near the bottom

alternative bait: doughballs, bread, canned peas, potatoes, worms, night crawlers, dead minnows,

carp are very good fighting fish and make excellent fertilizer for the garden.

Want to give a new sport and get carp out of the lake?

Give bow and arrow shooting of carp a try. I don’t know too much about it. I do know you need a fishing license, can take all the carp you want. If you are on your boat the motor should be turned off when shooting. Carp like to splash and spawn up by shore in the spring. Check with the DNR for other regulations. Carp makes great garden fertilizer. Good Luck