Curlyleaf harvesting

Some news on 5/21/09 about the invasive species curly leaf pondweed in volney from the Lake Detective Steve McComas of Bue Water Science.

From Steve McComas
to Steve P  —  I did some curlyleaf work on Volney a few years back.  Based on lake sediment conditions, Volney sediments are not conducive to supporting heavy growth of curlyleaf pondweed.  That is good news.  If you were to consider harvesting, a good contractor is Rick Thompson at Midwest Weed Harvesting (Savage MN, 763-238-1012)
Costs are about $160/hr which are equivalent to $350 to $600 per acre based on how heavy curlyleaf growth is and how far the harvester has to travel to a drop-off point.  The lighter the growth and the closer the drop-off area, then the lower the cost per acre.
I’ve attached a chart that shows three types of curlyleaf growth:  light, moderate, and heavy.  Volney has mostly light to moderate growth. 
I’ve also attached a Volney Lake sediment survey.  The results indicate that we would not expect long-term heavy growth of curlyleaf based on the lake sediments.
Take care,
Steve McComas
Blue Water Science

Sent: Sunday, May 17, 2009 8:35 AM
Subject: weed removal
Hi Steve M.
The Lake Volney Association would like to investigate curly leaf pond weed removal by harvesting machine / contractor.  Could you recommend a contractor to do this and any guess as to the cost.
Thank you.
Steve P, Treasurer Lake Volney Assn.