Pic beach project

Volunteer members of the Lake Volney Association with Le Sueur County and the DNR completed two shoreline buffer / stabilizaion project at the County public beach at Volney. 

lva 96 lva 97 My beautiful picture Public beach shoreline buffer project.

In 2010 Clean Water Partnership grant funded improvements to the public beach made by Le Sueur County.


This is the Lake Volney Beach/County Park today July 2010. Swimming beach improvement project.  We moved the sand beach up away from the water and planted native plants between the sand and the water’s edge. We (the County) graded the slope a bit from the beach area to the water as erosion was a big issue at this site. The beach area broke the slope so runoff water is routed to an area where it can infiltrate into the ground. We did have to go through the permitting process for grading and filling. 

Lauren Klement, Environmental Resources Specialist, Le Sueur County :  2010